In early April, the Cyprus company Wargaming (publishers of World of Tanks) announced its departure from the CIS market and the transfer of all the games of the St. Petersburg studio Lesta. The Belarusian Information IT portal DEVBY talked with WG employees on the topic of dismissal from the company and how this process is generally going. Information is conflicting. The Minsk office has not yet given an answer to the requested comments. And not the fact that it will give.

But we (the CIS portal) ask not to forget that there are always at least two versions of what is happening. Naturally, sources transmitted information on anonymity.

According to employees of the company who, for reasons, were unlucky to get into the group of “relocation”, they actually have only an option to write a statement by agreement of the parties. The company is not in the status of liquidation, therefore, compensation to employees will be given out only in a situation “without noise and dust”, as the famous character said.

The company does not particularly look at the experience of the employee and his professional level, relocate only top and very unique specialists. Those who have a Russian passport have “the situation is even worse”. True, what is “worse”, the source did not specify.

Some teams form queues for dismissal – the sooner the employee leaves the company, the more he will have compensation. But some employees are asked to be delayed to transfer cases.

If the dismissed agrees to take less money, then the HR companies promise to help with compiling a resume and finding a new place of work. In addition, they will save access to internal training resources for 2-3 months. But most refuse to help, preferring increased payments.

Wargaming is Leaving Russia and Belarus
It is noted that the maximum number of relocated will be 30% of the total number of employees. Moreover, almost all of them have already left.

It is necessary to quit until May 31 – this applies to almost everyone except some administrators responsible for the work of the office. What previously declared four months is no longer relevant.

There is no talk of any Lesta Studio. It is unlikely that the proposal to the rest will be issued in another legal entity. Naturally, this situation also affects the search for a new job. According to some former employees, the employer makes it clear that he is not particularly interested in an employee who was not needed by Wargaming. Salary expectations also decreased.

A couple of other employees told a different version of what was happening in the company. According to them, there are very few intelligible information, the leadership stopped communication with employees. And in their opinion, there is no question of any compensation, since the Game Stream (the direct developer of World of Tanks) is not eliminated.

So that the employees do not very much discuss the current situation, for messages in the corporate mailing of NOWORK they activated the premotation.