When we hear Pokémon, we inevitably think of our favorite creature and the hundreds of Pokémon. There are also the essentials of the first generation, with the first world-famous starter among them Squirtle, Bulbasaur. and Charmander.

If it was complex as children, or even as adults, to choose between these three cute little heads, now a fan of the Pokémon franchise has decided to rework the clear image of the charismatic characters.

A Pokémon fan merges the Japanese world with that of Marvel
Seemingly taken directly from a Marvel Comics comic, the user behind these original creations responds to the name of scrazyone1 and has wanted to share his work that, of course, leaves no one indifferent.

On Reddit, we discovered the new looks for Squirtle, Bulbizarre, and Charmander, and you guessed it pretty quickly, but the latter was merged with none other than Venom.

Suppose the general appearance has remained the same for each Pokémon so that we can recognize them quite easily. In that case, there are all the signs or symbols that make Venom what it is: its long tongue, its sharp teeth, its extraordinary eyes, its logo as well as its exceptional blue-black color that sometimes tends to dark violet.

Although the native beasts of the Kanto region have seen their appearances transformed, Reddit users were quick to ask for more. With these first tests, the fans of the license naturally imagined what the different evolutions of each Pokémon could give, and one of them suggested that the development of Bulbizarre could have the ability to catch flies with special vines that protrude from its shell.

If the result of these 3D creations is more than convincing, our budding artist did not say what software he was working with. We can only hope that he will share more of his creations in the future. Still, in the meantime, we can always admire what he has already achieved: a Pikachu in 3, a representation of Snoop Dogg with a cartoonish side, always in 3D or even others. Artists like 6ix9ine, Eminem, The Weeknd, or even Snoop Dogg as Batman!