Level Infinite announced on the 23rd that it will launch the TV CF of mobile MMORPG ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’, which is developed by the Aurora Studio under Tencent and is scheduled to service.

‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ inherits the worldview based on the IP on the PC online game, Cheonae Myeongwoldo, and is characterized by enjoying new stories and vast contents.

The game opened a pre -registration page at G -Star 2021 held in Busan last November, and started its official marketing activities such as unveiling TV CF and pre -registration of Kakao from today (23rd).

The TV CF, which was released this time, was the theme of ‘The most beautiful world under the moonlight’, and the group girls’ generation members Taeyeon, dancer Monica & K -day, and film director Yang Ik -jun participated.

In particular, Taeyeon comes to the appearance of ‘Myeongwol’, which is suitable for the theme of ‘the coolest world under the moonlight’ through the in -game customization system.

Monica and K -Day expressed the stronger charisma with the concept of ‘Do’, and Yang Ik -jun drew the story of ‘Cheon -ae’, which contains the beautiful scenery embodied with high quality. The TV CF video will be released sequentially, starting with Taeyeon on the 23rd.

The company will receive a Starbucks Americano coupon by drawing a video on the official YouTube until the 29th to commemorate the TV CF announcement.

In addition, pre -registration can be applied by entering the phone number on the official website, and can be registered through Google Play, Apple App Store, and Kakao.

All pre -registration participants will be given a legendary colleague and provides abundant benefits such as Eunjeon and Jjimjilbang Hair as the cumulative personnel achieve.

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In addition, if you pre -register in Kakao, ‘Cheon Ae Myungwoldo X Bado’, which collaborated with the popular emoticon ‘Baduki’, will be paid 100% of the collaboration, and if you participate in the Kakao Roulette event, you will receive a variety of products such as iPad Pro and graphics card.

In addition, if you subscribe to Kakao Channel of ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ from the 25th, we will pay all subscribers such as Eunjeon, attributed cash, and purple lucky frame.

Meanwhile, ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ conducted a private test (CBT) for domestic users in March, and has been acclaimed for the final quenching by actively collecting feedback from users.

More details can be found on the official lounge of ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’.