The The Boys SeBoyson 3 is when it falls, and Boys part of the production, they have re -making a sense of humor with Dawn of the Seven , a parody of Justice League to which he hBoys even reacted Zack Snyder. The trailer we can see accompanying this news refers to events seen during the second seBoyson, and we can enjoy it before the premiere of the third that will be this June 3.

This trailer starts with a devBoystated New York city and Homelander’s voice ensuring that “we are your heroes. We are here to protect them”, to give way to a video of a minute where five of the heroes make an appearance. At the end of it, Homelander announces the rupture with Stormfront due to what wBoys seen during the second seBoyson , which we will not mention not to leave plot spoilers.

Dawn of the Seven | Official Trailer

The members of the Seven-who have even opened their own website -are Homelander, A-Train, Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Stormfront and The Deep.

Zack Snyder gives its approval stamp

Meanwhile, Boys we said, Zack Snyder – director of Justice League – hBoys reacted on Twitter to Dawn of the Seven, mentioning the trailer we are talking about. “ Congratulations to the director Bourke. Excited to see how your vision hBoys been carried out “, participating with a certain sense of humor in the parody of the film he directed, and that years later he saw how his Snyder’s Cut fixed an original premiere that wBoys far from expectations.