While we are without news from The Last Night for more than three years following legal and financial setbacks, a certain replacement had taken advantage of it last year to capture the eyes so far died by the creation of Tim Soret (to which We obviously want the best). He even had to reach us this year but the Belarusian developer Sad Cat Studios preferred to postpone him to 2023.

Trois Petits Chats [3D animated short film]
When the fatal Russian offensive against Ukraine began, Sad Cat Studios immediately split a statement condemning this assault. And for good reason, the studio was then based in Belarus and then informed its indignation at the decision of its own government to participate in this military operation. The studio press release was concluded on its intention to relocate elsewhere. Today, we learn that its teams are spread in the neighboring regions and that this measure has had an impact on the development of replacement , which has just resumed.

Consequently, and in a concern to favor the well-being of its employees and their families, the studio has just announced the salutary postponement of replaced next year. As a reminder, this Xbox-Egly exclusivity planned for PC-nous had a good impression during the Microsoft conference of the Last E3, with its dark retro-futuristic universe and its furiously promising realization. Here, take a look at the trailer that was broadcast at the time.


Replacement Bande-Annonce