Although it may seem that the guards are always too busy with the salvation of mankind to do something else, it seems that they are enthusiasts of garbage hunting. There were cosmic cats in the city of dreams, in the throne world there were luminous moths, and now in the abandoned Leviathan there are navels of Kalus. Having found them all, you will receive a triumph of fans No. 1 and rather rare awards. Here are all the locations of Claus Pups on the abandoned Leviathan in Destiny 2.

All locations of Kulus Pups on board an abandoned leviathan

Week 2

Pups No. 5

The fifth pups can be found during the Sever-Reconction mission. In the direction of K the beginning of the mission , you will enter several pipes. When you find the way to the exit from this system of pipes, go right towards the corner, where the Kalus assault rifle was in the North-Shame mission. In this corner you will see the entrance back to the pipes system. Follow him Until you get to the first turn where you find this Kalus Pups waiting for you.

Week 1


The first nipples will require some work during restraining nightmares actually gain access to its whereabouts. As you may know or not know, the performance of various tasks during Nightmare Containment will lead to removing the lock from some locked doors around Castellum. This boob is located behind one of these locked doors . To make sure the door is open, you need to soak two nuclei of fear in a nightmare combine. These cores of horror fall out after the murder of despicable captains, known as night horrors.

As soon as you complete the level of the III holding of the nightmares, you can go to entrance to Castellum next to the landing zone . In this corner there is a door that is usually locked, indicated by a lever with red lights. If you managed to open this door, the lever indicators light up in green, and all you need to do is pull the lever to open the door . Inside the left of you you will find a cache with prey. On the right by the wall you will find a kupps Kalus.



The next nipples is in the gardens of pleasure . It is quite easy to purchase, as it is hidden on the right. For a large statue of Kalus in the back of this room.

Pups No. 3

This navel can be found as soon as you enter royal pools part of Leviathan, when from the gardens of pleasure . When you first enter the royal pools from the gardens of pleasure, you will find yourself in a large room. At the other end of this room there is hole in the floor . A jump into this hole will lead you through the tunnel into a room with bright blue monitors. There are two passes on the back wall of this room. One of them is the one through which you passed, the other hides this navel at the end.


This navel can be found during the seasonal mission of Sever-shame . At some point in this mission, you will be instructed to activate four manual understudies . After the activation of three of them, your marker will lead you to a difficult object. Transfer a heavy object to another marker’s goal. This will turn off the wall of the arc energy and open the last manual control. True over this last reduction another navel. So, before activating the reduction, park your way up the right wall to get to the platform where you will find this navel sitting on the box.

After you collect these navels, you can return to the helmet. Here, near the crown of sorrow, you can display them. As soon as you place them, you will see your progress in the triumph of fans No. 1 and will become one step closer to unlocking the title Reaper. Also note that only because these navels will be produced weekly, you can still collect any of them after these weeks.

We will update this leadership as the new Pups are released.

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