The 2nd season of the 3rd chapter Fortnite is approaching the completion with a living event Collision. The seasonal war between the imaginary order and the seven will accept large-scale turnover, when the forces of good and evil will finally collide. A living event will rotate around the players studying an interactive journey to solve the fate of Zero Point.

The live broadcast Collision will take place June 4, 2022 B 16: 00 East time . Players can unite with their friends and join the playlist as soon as he appears. Collision playlist will be available in game modes. 30 minutes before the start of the live broadcast. We recommend players to enter the lobby an hour before the event to avoid any technical problems.

How to look at the live collision broadcast in Fortnite?

Players who will not be able to participate in the event Collision will be able to see it live on Twitch. Visit the official Fortnite website twitch the page to see the culmination of a grandiose narrative length of the season. As in previous living events, players may expect that the event Collision will have consequences that change the map. Fans expect several POIs to be destroyed before new ones are added in the next season. It is expected that the leader of the fur team will appear at a living event to help players against the imaginary order.

As for the storyline, players cannot be patient to see how the seven will fight with Dr. Sloan and the imaginary order. In the same way, it is expected that Paradigm, one of the members of the seven, will return to the card during the live broadcast. Several leaks preceding a living event suggest that Dart Vader will appear in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, along with several other icons of popular culture.

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