The process of creating a video game is not always simple, because to start elaborating they must have a well-raised idea, thanks to that, large projects have come to light in the industry. Today one of the projects that attracts the most attention is Sonic _Frontiers, a bet to bring to the blue hedgehog to the field of the open world.

Recently the medium known as Ign asked some quite interesting questions to the creative director of _Ssic Team, Takashi Izuka, which talk about the entire creative process behind the video game. Here we bring you the most interesting responses that the Japanese Executive gave to the members of the aforementioned team.

Ign: When did the idea of making a Sonic game focused on open areas occur for the first time?

Iizuka-san: After completing Sonic Forces, we made a brainstorm about what to do next. We realized that there is little space for evolution with a traditional 3D game. We could only do something that fans have seen before. That is why from the beginning, we discuss how to change that linear game style.

Ign: Did you look for other games as inspiration when designing the playability of Sonic Frontiers?

Iizuka-san: As I just mentioned, the game began when we asked how to give more freedom to the linear titles of Sonic. This new open zone game system is our way of giving the greatest possible freedom to a Sonic 3D action game.

Open World games such as Zelda or others AAA are RPG’s or adventure. For Sonic, the nucleus here is a 3D action game. Our basic idea was that it took place in an open space. What distinguishes Sonic Frontiers is this different approach.

Ign: Can you talk a little about the division of having this open area along with the traditional levels of Sonic, and why did you feel that it was important to have this new format?

Iizuka-San: You can make many discoveries and enjoy the action of Sonic in 3D in the open zone islands. However, there are also high-speed linear action scenarios traditional Sonic style. By merging these open areas and the traditional 3D action scenarios in the same islands, players can enjoy a broader variety of 3D action than before.

Ign: With the inclusion of the open world, it almost feels as if we had completed a loop back to the first Sonic Adventure, which also had a world open to a very small scale. Are you interested in visiting the Sonic Adventure games, either in the form of remaster or sequel?


Iizuka-san: I mentioned this in previous interviews, but I would like to continue with the Sonic Adventure series. This also contains smaller open spaces as Adventure Fields. I think we have also used what we learned with them in this game. I have not yet thought about my next game. But personally I think it would be good if we could use what we learn with this game in Adventure.

Remember that Sonic Frontiers will reach PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Vía: IG