Outriders will receive a new endgame in the form of a Taria Granita test when the WorldSlayer addition will be released on June 30, 2022. Let’s delve into what was disclosed during a direct broadcast on June 10, 2022.

What is Taria Gratar?

Taria Gratata testing is a special endheim that will appear in the addition of the Murderer of the Worlds. This new zone is closely connected with the new history associated with the murderer of the worlds and natives of Enok, Pax. In this reliable new area, the weather and time are changing, so in the near future it will not feel stagnant.

Everyone starts in the basic camp, in which there are merchants, craft, quick journey, tuning the character, access to previous expeditions and much more. As soon as the journey to Taria Gratata begins, the players will face several different areas, including intersection , boss of the arena and finds . Crossroads and Boss Arenas speak for themselves. The intersections allow players to choose which area they will explore further. Arena with the boss is necessary for further advancement to Taria Gratrat.

What is a truvs?

Treasures are optional areas in Taria Gratrat. These are areas that offer the target farm of the Apocalypse. For example, helmets may fall out of one trophy, and boots from another. This is convenient for those who are looking for specific objects to complete the set.

is there Twitch Drops?

Yes , there is Twitch Drops. During the first week after the WorldSlayer release, various items will be available for each of the four classes that can be earned by observing different streamers.

new enemies appeared on WorldSlayer?

Yes there will be new bosses and types of enemies that appear only in Tarya Gratar, in addition to those that appear in the history of WorldSlayer history. Shadow animals Beasts that can become invisible and travel in small flocks. They will be difficult to detect, not paying attention to the environment and not using Ao-Antaki. Their other characteristic ability is to apply silence on the player, not allowing him to use abilities for a certain period of time. Another new type of enemies was Lord of the Beasts . Lovers of animals use shadow animals to hunt players.

What are the versions of WorldSlayer?

Murderer of the Worlds

  • Includes the basic game Outriders and the WorldSlayer addition.
  • $ 79.98

Outriders WorldSlayer update

  • Update for the current owners of Outriders. It is necessary to purchase on the same platform as the original Outriders in order to maintain progress and characters.
  • $ 39.99

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