Blizzard Entertainment has released Overwatch 2 Revel Event on the 17th of Japan time. About six years after the previous work, the details of overwatch 2 (hereinafter OW2), which have finally started in earnest, have finally started in earnest.

Prior to this, an online interview for the media was held on the 16th of Japan time. It was divided into two copies of three people, but in this article, we will deliver the first half of the game, centered on the game system.

――In the previous work, it was 6V6, but it moved to 5V5 in this work. Of course, it was fun to play the beta, but I feel that the deathmatch feeling has increased and the coordination has diminished than before. What happens to the character rework in the next beta?

Aaron Keller (Aaron) 5 V5 also has the advantage of being able to move more freely and one match. And it will be a faster pace development. Of course, I don’t want to lose balance, but the combination of various parts may not work well, and we are working hard to solve the problem. You may have a deathmatch feeling, which can happen in beta. We will continue to play in the next beta, and we will also introduce large elements such as competitives while adjusting the balance.

In addition, Olisa is carefully analyzed, such as adding more aggressive properties, and is adjusted in the next beta, larger or smaller. One big point is that there is no long distance in Sinmetra, and we plan to make the same adjustment to Moira.

I don’t think there will be any big reworks of Olisa before the launch, but we will make many changes to the hero for the release.

Dion Rogers has a new Classicskin for all heroes, and Olisa and others have re-designed not only costume changes, but also new abilities. Please touch it because it is cool.

――What kind of efforts do you take to incorporate overwatch for diversity (diversity) and inclusions (opportunities for everyone)?

Diversity is very important in AARON KELLER Overwatch, it is also not just a play style, but also to make the player himself a character. One of the points that emphasizes the characteristics of the hero, and is conscious of being able to do it in the hero, even if it has gender and disability issues. It always has it as a core of design philosophy.

There is no need for graphs or indicators to talk about these topics. In the first place, we may face unaware bias and prejudice even if we have ordinary conversations. It can happen in a group with the same value and in our team. Even if you don’t use tools in the office, different people can collide with each other and interact with each other, which is important for us.

――How do you change cosmetics as the route box is abolished?

Since it is a part related to Jon SPECTOR revenue, we plan to tell the details somewhere until October. I know you are worried, but please understand because you want to avoid partial answers and mentions. I will tell you again about the details of the battle pass. What I am looking forward to in OW2 is the provision of more constant content than the previous work. We are considering more than 30 kinds of skins by Season 1, 30 species for Season 2, and now 30 species.

If you think about what you can experience in the root box, you may want to get one of the best players. At that time, random obtaining from 30 species is not a very good experience. In OW2, a shop that can be used by players will be installed instead of the root box. Check out what you need, what you don’t need, and get what you like most directly, so you won’t have to impair the user’s experience.

――Is the previous player played with OW2 players? Is there a timing to shift to OW2?

AARON KELLER When launch of OW2, all the previous players will be transferred to OW2. In addition, all players can form a team, all of which can receive all content at the same time. We will inform you about your account, but everyone can play together.

――Are there any measures for new players to play for the first time in OW2?

AARON KELLER OW2 is working to remove the barriers of beginners and existing players by welcoming many new players by basic free. I think that both unspecified majority and friends can remove all barriers and play. If possible, I hope you can start with a friend playing overwatch first.

Specifically, we have a tutorial that can calm down and get used to the new system than in the past. In the end, it will eventually catch up with other players to avoid stress. As for the content, the minimum launch will surely be unsatisfactory, so we plan to add a new one.

――Is it possible to integrate your PC, console, and your accounts when you move to OW2?

I’m thinking of preparing an integration opportunity when creating a Jon Spectror account. Ultimately, we are considering a complete cross-processing that makes all the platform common to one account. Unlocked skins will be available on any platform.

――What are the development systems such as team split as a live service game?

Aaron Keller Heroes plan to add 3 to 4 people every year and 3 to 4 maps a year, and plans to add three heros in launch and one in Season 2, but in all seasons. We cannot promise to release a new hero.

The Dion Rogers development team has become three times as long as ever, unprecedented. Not only has it increased the number of staff, but we have renewed many tools and engines. In fact, if the quality was equivalent, the speed was higher than before, and the bottlenecks were identified with designer artist programmers, making it easier to do a lot of work.

AARON KELLER work efficiency has improved, making it possible to develop multiple heroes, maps, and game modes at the same time. He is also working on PvE and will be able to show off next year.

――The new hero Sojon has appeared in Beta, but will she have a change in the next time like Olisa?

Aaron Keller I received many feedback on her strength in the previous beta. I added some changes, but this time the winning rate dropped at a stretch. It is difficult to collect a lot of data and check the play. To get the optimal adjustment, you will get feedback by layering further beta.

―― Live service games take a lot of effort to the developers. Do you take measures to avoid crunch?

AARON KELLER is the highest priority as a position to manage the site. When you are providing a lot of content, you have to think about how to avoid the crunch, not like a live service type. Because there is no finish line.

The development of live services is a marathon, not a short-distance run, and we have been discussing how to keep growing the tripled team. The pace has become faster due to the improvement of the tools, but when creating a lot of new things, it will become more and more difficult after that. Based on these, we have built a team that can provide content without overwhelming too much load on development.

―― In the introduction of roll locks, the waiting time of DPS has doubled. Does this happen in OW2?

Aaron Keller Quick Play and Unlank have an open queue along with Roles. You can choose either player, and you can participate from the open queue even if the DPS roll queue is buried. In 5V5, the tank frame has been reduced to one, and I think that a large bottle neck was eliminated.

――What kind of custom can be made with Mythic skin?

AARON KELLER Genji has a Cyberpunk demon skin, but you can choose from weapons and colors. There are dynamic elements such as particle effects, and in the case of Genji, it is the face of a demon that removes the mask and shines. It’s very cool.

――I’m trying various game modes, but is it possible that a battle royal will be included in OW? What would be the position if you enter?

It is interesting as an Aaron Keller game, but I think it is incompatible with the gameplay of this work. But it might be good to do it with standalon.

Expect the further evolution of overwatch, such as basic free and transition to 5V5. In the second part, we talked to the speakers involved in the design, so we will deliver them later.