[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] The Korean team was mixed. Guangdong Prix, who won the runner-up in the Wild Lift Champions Korea (WCK) Spring, was eliminated from the icons’ play-in-stage. On the other hand, T1, which was third, got a group stage ticket.

The 2022 Icons, a global championship of League of Legends: Wildlift, ended on the 14th at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center in Singapore and played-in-stage until 18th.

Guangdong Prix and T1, who played as representatives of Korea, were organized in Group D and Group C. It is expected to enter the group stage unless there is a big change.

The T1, which belongs to Group C, defeated the first opponent, the leading opponent of Europe, 2-0, and advanced to the winner. In the final match, the T1 faced a crisis while losing one set, but he won two sets of ‘쫑’ Park Kyung-min and ‘Badie Rat’ Kim Dong-young. Go up.

Guangdong Prix, who was expected to go to the round of 16 because he won the runner-up in the WCK Spring, and had no Chinese team, and was expected to advance to the round of 16. In the first confrontation, Guangdong Prix, who met with the Southeast Asian team, Buriram United e-Sports, was defeated by 0-2, and won one set against North America’s representative Sentinels in the loser, but recorded two or three sets.

In other groups of Play-In Stage, China and Southeast Asia were strong, as expected. In China, Group A’s Nova e-sports, Group B’s Jingdong Gaming, and Group C’s J team recorded two games, and advanced to the round of 16. In Southeast Asia, the three teams survived, with Flash Wolves 2nd, RRQ’s second place, and Buriram United e-Sports first.

◆ ‘Korea’s strongest’ Rollster Y, group stage sortie

Rollster Y, who went straight to the group stage as a WCK winner, made a group with China’s Kang Ho JD Gaming and Brazilian Team Liberty who passed the North American winning team Immortals and Play-In Stage.

Rollster Y’s first opponent, Liberty, passed the second place in Group D, which Guangdong Prix belonged.

Rollster Y’s variable is that the main supporter, Salem, left the team just before the opening of the icons. Hansung Gun, ‘Nomel’, decided to fill the empty seat, but Rollster Y’s move is expected to be decided by what performance against Liberty.

The T1 was organized in Group A. Team Flash, which was the No. 1 qualification for Southeast Asia, was made with Nova esports, which ranked No. 1 in Group A, the first place in Leviathan, the No. 1 in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The T1 is likely to fight an easy fight with a group of China and Southeast Asian teams who are most likely to win the icons.


The Icons Group Stage will start with a confrontation between Fun Plus Phoenix and Flash Wolves on the 21st, and will be held for four days until the 25th.