Ninja turtles have returned to action with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, one of the best beat’em up they have starred, although this time they are not al1. To the protagonist quartet, April O’Neil, Splinter and even Casey Jones have joined.

However, the latter is not available from the beginning, so we have prepared the following guide in which we are going to explain how to unlock this character.

How to unlock Casey Jones

The announcement that Casey Jones was going to be part of the characters template was undoubtedly a great surprise that enthusiastically to all fans of the series, although at that time it seemed to be able to select the start. Luckily the requirement to unlock it is not very complicated.


It will only be enough for you to pass the full story mode **, from beginning to end. It is not worth that it is the Arcade mode, because in that case it will not help, so you can play your normal game and as soon as you pass the last phase you will see how this fighter equipped with a hockey stick will aim to distribute mamporros.

To be more concrete, in case you want to get an idea of the length of the story mode, it is 16 levels that you have to overcome . From that moment you can play when you want with Casey Jones, who presumes to have a greater range in his attacks along with Donatello, in addition to being very balanced in speed and power.