The PC version of Ancharted Treasure Hunter Collection released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), but the scheduled release date has been changed to December 31, Japan time in the Steam unofficial database. It was confirmed.

This work is an action adventure in which Ancharmed Pirate King and the Last Treasure and Ancharmed Ancient God’s Treasure were remastered for PS5. It was revealed that this work, which has been remastered for PS5’s unique functions, will be released on Steam and Epic Games stores for PCs.

This work is undecided for the clear release date, but the change in the expected release date has been confirmed on Steam unofficial database Steamdb. Gamerant and others reported that the scheduled release date has changed to October 20, Japan time. Japan Time was changed at around 3:40 am on June 25, but it was changed about 7 and a half hours later, and it is December 31 Japan time.

There are no official announcements from SIE, Developer NauGhty Dog, or Iron Galaxy Studios, which serves as a publisher at the time of writing.