It is no secret that occasionally lobbies full of other players make Fortnite’s challenges more difficult effortlessly. However, there is one way to do it so that they only match you with bot players who represent little or no threat. Here is How to always enter the Lobbies of the Bots in Fortnite .

What is a fortnite bots lobby?

We have all encountered Bots in Fortnite. These are especially terrible players with names formed by two random words followed by numbers, such as Happymelon50. In general, they are just a fraction of the opponents that you will have, but there is a way to ensure that you enter only bots.

To give a more direct definition, a fortnite bot is an opponent controlled by AI, similar to the IO forces of Chapter 3 Season 2, but with a slightly more compromised program. It is possible that a bot build, but they will be nothing more than a few walls, and they rush to leave any building they do. This makes them easy to hunt for the progress of the challenge.

A Fortnite Bots lobby, so it is a game in which all other players in the game are bots generated by AI, which means that you should be able to walk towards a Victory Royale or explore the map without too much interference from other players.

Enter the bots lobbies in Fortnite

The first thing you will need is a smartphone capable of running Fortnite. The easiest way is to have an Android phone capable of downloading the Epic Games application.

The download will take the form of an APK file that is the file format for Android applications. You may have to adjust your configuration to allow unknown applications from any browser you use on your phone.

From here, in the Epic Games application, Fortnite must select to start downloading. Once the download is finished, create a new Epic Games account when starting the game for the first time.

If you have an iOS device, you can take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming to play Fortnite. However, you must create a new Xbox account or use one that Fortnite has never played before. You will not need an Epic Games account for this.

Once you are in the game, Fortnite load on any platform where you play mainly. Have the phone account invite your main account to a lobby, make sure the lobby leader is the phone’s account. It is also a good idea to make the two friends to facilitate access.

Set the game mode as you want, through DUOS is the best option. Once the game is loaded, simply close the phone account and play the game normally.

The idea here is that you are constantly carrying a new character, if they get any amount of XP, then they will be expelled from getting lobbies only for bots. While this is a bit annoying, you can follow the previous steps once again to solve it.

Benefits of Bots pressure groups

As stated, it is extremely frustrating just having to do a simple task or visit a single place and be constantly surrounded by opponents. In bots lobbies, that’s not much.


At most, they will do a little damage, but most of the time they do not have the necessary precision to beat you, even if you are completely only against teams of two or more.

The Bot Lobbies provide a place to complete any challenge or mission you need much less competition.

In addition to that, the XP you get by constantly winning and getting more than 10 deaths adds absolutely and is a good way to boost the battle pass you might need.

Anyone who is concerned about repercussions of this can be calm, Epic Games is fully aware that players do this and there have never been reports for prohibited players or punished for joining bots pressure groups.

The only thing that cannot be done in a Bots lobby is to get a Crowned Victory Royale. No matter how many victories you accumulate in a bots lobby, there is no possibility of getting a victory crown. While this is an annoyance, at least it retains any legitimacy of Crowned Victory Royale.

This has been all you need to know about How to always enter the Lobbies of the Bots in Fortnite . If you are looking to overcome other seasonal challenges, we have a guide on all tover sheets and instant parts.

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