Historia has launched the Caligula 2 PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) version on June 23. The regular price is 6500 yen including tax. The sale for the period until June 30, and can be purchased for 4550 yen including tax of 30 % off.

Caligula 2 is a school jub nile RPG that aims to return from the ideal virtual world to a painful reality. The stage of this work is a world created by a mysterious virtual doll riglet. According to the virtual world Ridu, you can reconnect your mistakes, such as past regrets and wrong choices, and experience your life. The human beings incorporated into such a world forgot their regrets and painful reality, and immersed in the temporary peace. On the other hand, some of the captured humans realized that Ridu was a fake world. The protagonists who knew the reality form a return part. With the help of Virtual Doll Kyi trying to destroy Ridu, he aims to return to reality against the creator of the world.

The members of the return part, including the protagonist, take action to return to reality. Obligado Rubs who provide songs to Rigrets stands for the return to Ridu’s order. They have a reason they don’t want to return to reality, so they seem to be inevitable. The battle of this work is basically a turn-based system that selects commands and fights. However, in this work, you can check the future when the command is successful when selecting an action by the imaginari chain. By making good use of the future vision, we will connect allies with allies, overturn the disadvantageous boards, and face difficult situations. As a battle-related element, when the conditions are met, the singing voice of Kii jacks the field with the buff is equipped with a floor jack. There is also an auto battle that can be set for action guidelines.

The members of the return club are all terrible reality. They are temporary in Lidu. I just regretted it. In the character scenario, step into their hearts. The players are waiting for an unacceptable situation and wanting to look away, and they are at their own risk when stepping in. While having a painful reality and regret, the battle of the return part, who is trying to return to reality, is drawn.

Caligula 2 was released in June 2021 for PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch. In the PC version, the new costume Shield Gakuen Old Clothes will be pre-distributed. This costume is an old uniform where the characters go in Lidu, where the characters go, which should no longer exist. In the game, it seems that you can change clothes from the beginning through the costume column in the equipment screen. Shield Gakuen Old Clothes will be updated at a later date for the console version. In the console version, Flue was in charge of the release, but in the PC version, the development company Historia is a publishing.

The Caligula 2 PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) version is distributed at 6500 yen including regular price tax. The period until June 30 is 4550 yen including tax by 30 % off sale. In each store, Complete Edition, which includes all DLCs, is on sale.