A summer sale is currently being held at Steam. More than 29,000 games are on sale. The sale period is until 2:00 am on July 8, 2022 in Japan time. Currently, the price range is hot on Steam. It is 300 yen. It can be paraphrased as the list price of Vampire Survivors. With the release of the work for 300 yen, the following genre game has been released in a price range near 300 yen, including 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN. It is the most intense price of competition now. So, this time, I picked up the recommended games that can be purchased for less than 300 yen at the Automaton editorial department. Because it is affordable, you can buy it, load it, or give a friend.

lofi ping pong

104 yen (520 yen, 80%off, no Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

LOFI Ping Pong is a rhythm game with table tennis motifs. The rally of table tennis is developed to synchronize with the BPM of the song, using a rouofai chilled hip-hop as BGM. The ball hit by the opponent flies in either the left, middle, or right direction, so enter the direction according to the rhythm and hit it back.

Although it is a simple gameplay, the input reception hours are quite severe. If you make a mistake even once, you will start over from the beginning of the song. In addition, depending on the stage, the ball increases to two, and the ball that the opponent hit is curved. Contrary to the flowing BGM, it may be difficult to relax. However, if you grasp the timing, you can feel a mysterious immersion while leaving yourself to a certain rhythm.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka


246 yen (820 yen, 70%off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

GATO ROBOTO is a Metroidvania action game where the cat is the main character. The spacecraft arrives on a planet and the master has been injured, and the cat Kiki will investigate the abandoned military facility. You can find a battle suit in the facility, and Kiki has gained an attack method by wrapping it in it. Defeat the enemy with a shot and proceed with the search while destroying the block with a missile. By acquiring new actions by upgrading, the search range gradually expands.

Battle suits are powerful, but there are weaknesses, such as being unable to pass through a narrow passage. In such places, you will take off your suit and proceed. If you are Kiki, you can run up the wall. However, in a state of life, you will die once in one damage, so you have to pass the enemy well. This work is orthodox work as a metroidvania. Among them, the judgment of such a suit is a distinctive factor. Combined with the skillful level design, the sense of accomplishment that opens the breakthrough with one flounder is attractive.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Lovechoice choice

164 yen (205 yen, 20 % off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

LoveChoice Ai is a love adventure game. The design of the cute character is impressive, and a pale story may be developed. I would like to play the game with expectation. It is a correct answer and a mistake. This is a hardcore love adventure game. What is a hardcore? The difficulty of being connected to the opposite sex is quite high. If you choose an option normally, your love will not be fulfilled. In addition to the fulfillment, it is pointed out in detail the options, what was useless. For example, one of the stories of this work triggers a game jam. Then, when I talked while introducing myself, it was revealed later that I didn’t like that way of talking. It is said that that was extra if it was not enough to select a conversation when holding hands. Not too much.

Do you talk about the difficulty of romance, or suggest the personality of a Chinese woman? Throughout the whole story, you will take a severe romance lesson for both the difficulty and feedback. You can learn that romance is difficult. I felt the influence of Florence somehow, but I was surprised if this would happen if I made Florence in China. Of course, I would like to mention that there are also impressive productions. In any case, if you buy it at this price, you will be convinced.
by. Ayuo Kawase


155 yen (310 yen, 40 % off, no Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

Retrowave is perfect for playing when you don’t want to think about anything. Choose a car, choose a course, just make the engine growl. that’s all. It’s extremely simple as a game, but the music is comfortable anyway. It’s nice to skip the beautiful and fantastic highway with a squid synth wave sound without thinking. A day when I was exhausted at school or work, a day when I couldn’t think about anything. Retrowave, which plays a dark room on such a day, is exceptional.

As a game play, just go straight on the road. It is possible to play with car near mistakes and time, but the fundamental way of playing is the same. There is no new experience or complicated gameplay. Still, this work is extremely gentle on the brain and ears. The more you play, the more money you get, so you can buy money and buy cars and parts. I am glad that you can choose from several types of car operation perspectives. Here is the charm of a minimalization of the drive experience.
by. Ayuo Kawase


155 yen (310 yen, 50 % off) (Steam Store Link)

Clawfish is a short fish crane game that plays crane games and rescues fish from inside. The stage of this work is a summer world where the surroundings are submerged, not like Japan. The player is someone who came to the CLAWIFSH station on a train. There are several crane game consoles with fish around the station. The player receives coins from a currency-style machine and plays a crane game. Rescue 23 kinds of fish is the purpose of gameplay.

The crane game console contains water, and the living fish swims inside. Normally, it seems difficult to catch a moving fish because it runs an arm that does not move in crane games. However, the arm is powerful in this work. Even if the position of the fish is slightly off the arm, the moment you pull it up, it will be mysteriously sucked to the center. The difficulty of the crane game itself is suppressed by the magic arm.

In this work, there is a relaxing time around the strange crane game. Blue water and sky as far as you can see. A horizontal line that lasts forever. The shining summer sunshine. A strange poster and vending machine installed everywhere. The scene reminiscent of Japan makes you feel a mysterious nostalgia. This summer is still long, but it may be good to immerse yourself in a cool room in a cool room.
by. Keiichi yokoyama

Goodbye, Golden Age

102 yen (205 yen, 50 % off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

Goodbye, Golden Age is a short puzzle adventure game that plays an unfinished game and says goodbye to youth. The protagonist of this work used to produce games in a circle. The members are ZHIZHI in charge of graphic, LILI in charge of level design, and CC in charge of scenario. At that time, they were close and the club room seemed to be full of things brought in by some1. However, the game is not completed, and the circle is dissolved in the middle of the road. The difference in the ideal game image, the course of the members. The end of Moratorium. The protagonist continued to remain in circle activities.

In this work, the player plays a virgin work KANATA’s Bizarre Adventure, which was once unfinished in a space where the hero’s memories and reality were mixed. At the start of each stage, the logs at that time are played with audio. You know the reason why the circle was dissolved and the situation at that time due to the conversation of three members. More than half of the game play accounts for the play time of KANATA’s Bizarre Adventure. However, the work is incomplete in memories. As a puzzle game, I get a little monotonous impression. Then, you may be wondering which area is recommended, but after all, this work has the brilliance of youth. I want the hero to see a story that faces the golden memory sparkling.
by. Keiichi yokoyama



155 yen (310 yen, 50 % off) (Steam Store Link)

Helionaut is an action game that travels in space. A peaceful daily life collapsed due to a television failure. An adventure with the galaxy begins to repair the irreplaceable existence. The player changes the automatically generated stars on a spaceship. Pick up or mined various materials. By using them, you can upgrade your weapons and tools, space clothes and ships. The recovery of physical strength and the spacecraft repair are also performed by craft.

Contrary to the cuteness of the graphics drawn in pixel art style 3D, game play is quite severe. That’s because dangerous robots equipped with laser guns are rampant on the stars. Because it is not a conversation partner, there is a battle to search for stars. Throw a stone instead of greeting and take a laser gun. As you proceed with the game, the spacecraft will be strengthened. If you have a blaster, you can challenge the robot spacecraft. With a radio, you can play a galaxy while listening to Chill Music. The latter was a nice element for the writer who fought the drowsiness from the pleasant environmental sound.

As described above, this work has a pop, cute world view and a chewy game play. One of the attractions is the good tempo of the game cycle. It also has a good volume for the price. Although the difficulty level is slightly higher, it is a recommended one.
by. Hideaki FUJIWARA


252 yen (1010 yen, 75 % off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

Spacechem is a puzzle game that assembles the refined line of chemical substances on the frontier of the universe. However, there is almost no need for chemistry knowledge. Even the author, whose knowledge of that kind is stopped by compulsory education, can play without any problems. It may be a good idea to reconsider a game that makes a luggage transport line. When playing this work, there is probably no problem with the understanding that the rules of the summary differ depending on the type of atoms and molecules as luggage.

On the other hand, the difficulty of puzzles is high. When the early stages are over, the scale of the puzzle will increase, so it is necessary to think from a broad perspective. However, it is very pleasant to see the refined line that twisted the head and handle atoms and molecules with slick. In addition to the sense of accomplishment as a puzzle game, the real pleasure of this work is that you can get visual satisfaction. In addition, the story that is carefully translated into Japanese is also a colorful game play.

In this game, there are some elements that are likely to be magical charm. It is a record distribution of other players displayed after clearing each level. The sense of accomplishment cleared with a refined line applied to the salt is pierced, saying, You can create a more smart line. As a result, further exploring in efficiency will be stumbled, and the willingness to play around will increase (maybe). This work is an enthusiasm for a steady line assembly due to its unique charm. If you are looking for a game where you can play slowly even at a low price, please take a look.
by. Hideaki FUJIWARA


260 yen (520 yen, 50%off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

Velocibox is a game that collects cubes while avoiding obstacles by operating left and right and upside down. With a very simple rule and operation, the tutorial will probably end in about 1 minute. The difficulty is very high, and it is often compared to Super Hexagon because of its simplicity, high difficulty, and low price. However, it seems that it is a game with a higher level of difficulty than SUPER HEXAGON.

Although it is a short game that is cleared by level 9 breakthrough, it is hardly a game until you get used to the screen view and operation. However, it is not so hard to continue playing because it has a sense of speed and a high replayability. If you notice, it will gradually become better, and if it gets better, you will feel refreshed. It is a type of game that reminds me of the original fun of the game. I can’t say it’s a simple game because it took almost twice as long as SUPER HEXAGON to the achievement complete, but this is a title that players seeking improvement and response should be seen once.
by. Mizuki Kashiwagi


300 yen (1000 yen, 70%off) (Steam Store Link)

Botanicula is a point & click format adventure game. Click on a suspicious part and proceed with the story by solving the mystery. According to the store’s explanation, the story seems to go on an adventure to find a nut in order to save the trees in their hometown.

There is no explanation in this game, this game. Only unknown creatures appear. The event that happens is also strange. So the story is a mystery, but it’s still hard to understand because you’re playing the game. With a little visual and sound production, you can find out how to play. The ease of play is because the world of Botanicula is very carefully made. Even if it does not lead to a mystery solving, there are many places where you can see some reactions when you click. Because of its polite construction, it is a work that makes you want to click here and there and enjoy the world.

Developed Amanita Design is a studio that handles many points and click formats. Comparing Botanicula and other titles, you can easily play from the initial Samorost and Machinarium, while it is more chewy than recent Chuchel and Happy Game. You can enjoy the unique studio-like art for each title, so if you like Botanicula, you may want to pick up other works. By the way, CHUCHEL is also on sale for 300 yen.

chr $ (143)

205 yen (410 yen, 50%off, Japanese/machine translation) (Steam Store Link)

CHR $ (143) is a logical puzzle game. Players manipulate multiple characters from one body called Agent to achieve their goals for each stage. This work is a simple and retro pixel art that respects the game for the 8-bit computer AMSTRAD CPC 464, and the graphics reproduce the atmosphere of the time. In addition, although it can be a little more modern graphic with one button, it is still retro.

Contrary to the simple appearance, the game play of this work has an incomparable depth. This work has blocks with various sensors and various logical operators. Objects such as water and rocks move according to physical operations, and there are a variety of blocks that can be used for gimmicks, such as magnetic catapults that fire objects. Puzzle stages using such blocks are recorded over 72 stages.

Users can also make their own stage. That happens, not a puzzle game, but a sandbox game using logical blocks. From vehicles to large-scale machines, the user’s creativity is exploded. The Japanese display of this work is a level that does not hinder the understanding of gameplay to some extent while translating the machine. Please try this work that is deep at a low price.
by. Seiji narita

Cube Escape Collection

260 yen (520 yen, 50%off, Japanese with Japanese) (Steam Store Link)

Cube Escape Collection is a mystery solving adventure game collection. This work contains nine works from the Cube Escape series. In each case, the basics are mainly point & click type mystery solving and puzzles, and so-called escape game play is the basics. With a moderate difficulty, you can enjoy the pleasure of melting the mystery without worrying about your head.

The great attraction of the series is the world view. The stage of each work is like a terrible nightmare, but also an absurd world with pleasure. In addition to Rusty Lake, the work is also shared with the world view with the Cube Escape series, and there is a large story flow in the background. In other words, there is Rusty Lake Universe. Cube Escape Collection can be enjoyed as an introductory edition of such a world view and as a simple escape game. In addition, the volume of nine pieces is quite good. Cospa is expensive and I want you to enjoy the world view and mystery solving of this work.
by. Seiji narita