On June 28, 2022, Nintendo’s new information disclosure distribution Nintendo Direct Mini was held. This time, the writing software maker will be released, focusing on new announcements and follow-up reports released for Nintendo Switch. In this article, we will deliver the contents of the announcement together.

Let’s pick with Utsushi in Monhan: Sunburping! The latest video released by Ragged Rajan, etc. In August, Guren Bazelgius [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Sukueni’s new work Harvester! While living in the village, confront the disaster death season [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]

The successor to Little Noah Paradise will be released at the same time as the announcement [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28] [Update]

3 Persona series appears on the switch! First, Persona 5 The Royal released on October 21 [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Bomberman series latest work SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 will be released in 2023! [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]

Doraemon Nobita’s Ranch Story of the Big Kingdom and Minna no House released in 2022! Ranch Life Using Secret Tools [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

GBA series 6 works, 10 titles are gathered at once! Rockman Exe Advanced Collection released in 2023 [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28] [Update]

New video introducing Mario + Rabbitz Galaxy Battle Turn Battle [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28] [Update]

Dragon Quest spin-off treasure life RPG Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure and Ozora Company will be released on December 9, 2022 [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Switch/PS4 version RPG time! ~ Legend of Light ~] August 18 distribution decision! Release announcement trailer release [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]

Nier: Automata switches! Nier: Automata The End of Yorha Edition released on October 6-DLC, limited additional costumes [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]


Live Alive trial version started! You can enjoy Bakumatsu, Kao, and SF as soon as HD-2D [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

ACT Strategy MINECRAFT LEGENDS Game Play Video Release [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Let’s grow both Gomora and Zetton! Monster training SLG Ultra Monster Monster Farm released in 2022 [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Railgrade Released in the fall of 2022-Aiming for speed clearing with stage clear train operation SLG [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

20th anniversary remake Packman World Rir Pack Announcement [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Fishing experience game Fishing Spirits Fishing Aquarium Released for switches in 2022-Up to 4 people enjoy fishing and mini-games [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]

The scenery has changed completely with the latest video of Sonic Frontier! Show off the conventional Sonic Game-like Speed Run [Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28]

Captain Velvet Meteor Jump + Small Adventure in Different Worlds Delivery on July 28-Hero and fancy worlds [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]