From 2:00 am on June 24 to 2:00 am on July 8, a summer sale is being held on the PC Game Distribution Platform Steam. For those who have accumulated interest games in their wish list, and those who have recently started a new PC game, have a great chance. From topical works that everyone knows to maniac works, if you buy games, is now .

In this article, we pick up recommended titles from the number of sales games barrage . We will introduce Steam Summer Sale Recommended Bark Game 10 Selections by GAME*SPARK writer!

Death Smiles

Cave’s barrage STG Death Smiles is a way to manipulate one of the four girls who came to a different world by hiding and explore the way to return to the source world. The feature of this work is that the difficulty level can be selected for each stage as a barrage-type horizontal scrolling STG. You can lower the difficulty depending on your mood, and you can immerse yourself in characters and unique worldviews, and have a wide range of play. The price is reasonable for a single version, so why not try playing this opportunity?


The STG R-Type Final 2 is released in 2021, now implemented a total of 101 aircraft and a further major update. There are various ways to use the Force strategically, and use the enemy’s great offensive or break through the difficulties. Although the difficulty level is prepared in seven stages, the free aircraft DLC R-9USO799 with powerful armament is also distributed, making it easier to play than at the beginning of the release due to the relatively lower difficulty level. I did it. In addition, the tribute stage DLC, which arranges the stage of the past work, has been distributed up to the second installment, and the third installment is scheduled to be released in the future, so the momentum has not diminished.


Treasure’s vertical scrolling STG Ikaruga , a treasure that influenced many creators, including Yoko Otarou of Nier Automata. This work is a STG with a very high barrage element that absorbs and beats the enemy by switching to a black attribute for a white enemy ammunition and a black enemy ammunition. In addition, the influence of the influence, including Ah, Ikaruga, Ikaruga goes… , is immeasurable, including the impact of each chapter at the beginning, but the difficulty level is high due to the previous attribute elements. is. Originally, it was more than 20 years old that it operated in the arcade in 2001, but it is a title that can be said to be worth it just to touch the game play in 2022 that keeps the shooter fascinating.


The horizontal scroll STG drainus was released suddenly by Ladybug in May 2022. It is a title full of the beauty of dot-style graphics and the fun of assembling a strategy from instant changes in power-up while incorporating STG tribute to various past works. From various tribute to the shooters of the history of many STGs so far, I feel like Oh! This! Including the seasons, I have enough exhilaration and fun as a STG.


Cats by Desmofumofu are the main character’s horizontal scroll STG Cat Navy . Cats fly in the sky, and the graphics, led by loose characters, have a fairy tale atmosphere, but the fun of STG is guaranteed more than it looks. The difficulty level is three stages, and the frontage is widespread because the official website is described on the official website that you want to enjoy it without overdoing it by selecting the difficulty level that suits you. The higher the difficulty level, the more enemy bullets increase, but if you accumulate the gauge by contacting you, you can activate the bomb as many times as you want, so you may feel ease of play.

Revolver360 Re: Actor

Revolver360 Re: Actor is a STG with a barrage element by Cross Eaglet. Basically, it is 2DSTG, but the feature of this work is that 3D-like camera work and camera rotation can avoid enemy bullets and destroy containers and enemies left on the map. Because it is composed of 3D, including stage and own aircraft, you can also counterattack meteorites and enemies that attack from the back of the screen, and destroyed objects. There are games that rotate the stage, not just this work, but when used as STG, I am surprised that you can play a variety of games than you think. The game does not require such a severe operation, so why not try this opportunity?

Crimzon Clover World EXPLOSION

Crimzon CloverD EXPLOSION in the four-wings is a vertical scroll STG that covers the screen with overwhelming firepower and enemy barrage. It contains a tribute to various STGs in the past, but it is characterized by the fact that both our own and enemies are characterized by the flashy destruction production and overwhelming barrages. Gamers who know the pleasure of shooting games will be able to enjoy.

Natsuki Clonicle


QUTE’s Natsuki Clonicle is a horizontal scroll STG that includes the story development. It has two chronicle mode, where you can enjoy the story development, and an arcade mode that focuses on game play and keeps lines and other arcade modes. In addition to the functions that combine various weapons, this work includes automatic recovery of three-stage shields and visualization of enemy trajectory, reducing the stress of why it was defeated. Why don’t you play as one of the modern STG shapes, including the shield with automatic recovery and the ballistic display of enemy bullets?

Jet Lancer

Code Wakers’s optional scrolling STG Jet Lancer . This is a title in which the story progresses in a mission format, which includes the concept of gravity and thrust, such as Luftrausers, despite the optional scroll type 2DSTG. In addition to dogfight using machine guns and missiles, it is rich in expandability, such as customizing equipment, wearing a beam and other weapons, and a module with various effects. Although it is a title with a different format from other 2DSTGs, if you get used to it, you will be able to get a feeling of rejecting the enemy aircraft and avoiding bullets.

Darius Burst Chronicle Savers

Darius Burst Chronicle implemented CS mode and DLC mode, which can relive not only arcade mode but also Dalias in Taito’s Daliasbast Another Chronicle, which was operated in the arcade in 2010. Saber’s ]. The AC mode has infinite continuation, so you can play to the end, not limited to difficulty, and in CS mode, shields are developed at the start of play, so it tolerates some mistakes, making it difficult for experienced people and beginners to be defeated and easy to play. It is done.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is being held until 2:00 am on July 8. There are countless games for sale, so please check this article as well.