In this farming guide to Outriders: Worldslayer you can find out:

  • How your apocalypse equipment gets
  • Where you will find the resource Anomalie extract
  • With which tricks you can quickly resources and equipment farm


Outriders: WorldSlayer extends the main game with numerous content. The heart, however, are the end game for the tests of Tarya Gratar and the new apocalypse objects . We show you how to find anomaly extract and quickly improve your apocalypse equipment.

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Apocalypse in Outriders: Worldslayer-this is the new loot level

In Outriders: WorldSlayer (info), the world level system is expanded from the main game with the apocalypse level . The further you move in the game, the more steps you unlock. If you play in the highest available apocalypse level, the level of difficulty increases, but at the same time your chances of higher-quality prey also increase.

What is apocalypse equipment in Outriders: WorldSlayer?

The Apocalypse validity level is a kind of upgrade of epic and legendary weapons as well as equipment . You are the only loot art a third mod slot. You cannot change the mod contained therein. If you disassemble the object, but like all other mods, you can use it and use them elsewhere. You have to earn apocalypse equipment in the game world. You will receive the items as a reward for special fights as soon as you have reached the final game Exams from Traya Gratar.

improve apocalypse items-that’s how it works

If you want to improve apocalypse items, you need the new resource Anomalie extract . There are several ways to get the coveted resource:

disassemble the apocalypse items: * disassembles your equipment and weapons of the Apocalypse validity level, you will receive anomaly extract. Before you disassemble these items, you should think carefully about whether you really no longer need the rare apocalypse objects. Once processed, they are gone forever. If you have duplicates, definitely dismantle them.
elite gegen and bosses defeat: * elite gegen and bosses in Outriders: Worldslayers often drop anomaly extract. So seek strong enemies to secure more of the valuable resource.

Outriders: WorldSlayer-Farm anomaly extract

Once you have arrived at the Tarya Gratar, there are branches off the main path on the world map. In these exams you compete in arenas against hordes of beasts and elite gears . Here you can farm anomaly extract. If you play a high apocalypse level, more falls off.

However, a round in the exams takes at least thirty minutes-if you are quickly. Once you have entered the ruins, you cannot adjust the apocalypse level for the ongoing round . So you have to make a decision beforehand.

From the base in Traya Gratar you also have access to the well-known expeditions , which were already important for the farm of Titan in Outriders. With a high apocalypse level you can get anomaly extract faster than in Tarya Gratar.

With this trick you farm the anomaly extract at lightning speed

Fight through Tarya Gratar and defeat the first two bosses mediators of the worthy and Okriel, the traitor in one round. After the victory against the final boss Matcher of the relegation, you may choose one of three possible Apocalypse rewards. If you have made your choice, immediately call the game menu and choose Back to the lobby. Important : You still have to have any attempts.

Select in the lobby Continue game and your start again on the arena of the final boss . Now you can make the boss easier again for the equipment drops, anomaly extract and the subsequent apocalypse reward. The collected prey and all experience points from the previous round will also be preserved.

This trick only costs you one of your attempts. So the more you have left before the fight, the more often you can repeat the farming trick . This saves you a few passes in Traya Gratar and gets the valuable apocalypse items faster.

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