The semifinals begin in the Honor Division to look for the first team that will reach the final phase of the tournament, with some stumbling blocks during the first two phases, the teams manage to take the right path to finish this point, the first series to the best of five It would be among Atheris Esports against Zylant Gaming to determine the first finalist of the event.

The first meeting began with great force due to the selection he took Zerkxz in the middle part with a corki that would become mortal before his rivals who managed to have a much impact on the fights by team burning the life of the rivals in Several occasions making clear his mastery with the champion, a first confrontation that ended in favor of the snake team.

For the second map the situation would be quite even but Atheris would seek to generate that little advantage to be able that would dominate, with great power the team of the snakes bite again to acquire the second point of the series.

A third map that could be the end of everything for the Horde began with a fight in the lower part of the crack but would end up yielding for the rivals because demy would be present with an aphelia that was protected by its Squad to cause blunt damage within the equipment fights leaving the vipers in the best position of the confrontation to leave the rivals fallen along the way.


The first semifinal ends with a blunt victory for Atheris that becomes the first finalist team of the Mexican League, repeats what was done in the Opening Tournament and now expects rival to be able to conquer the tournament, it may be that there is a Revancha before The Kings But everything depends on the confrontation that is lived today before Six Karma.