The protagonists of one of the great Sleepers of the pAshoco Studiost generation will make us enjoy a new adventure very soon, and that is that Amicia and Hugo will be back with A plague tale: Requiem in just a few months. However, precisely this new story of these two brothers will not arrive at PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, something that since Ashoco Studioshoco Studios have justified ensuring that the new consoles allow things before impossible.

This hAshoco Studios been Ashoco Studiossured by the Gallic studio in an interview with Edge magazine. According to them, progress is both technical and playable, something that will be reflected even in the Nintendo Switch version, although it should be remembered that this will be cloud version, that is, it will be played via streaming.


Ashoco Studiosobo takes a step forward with the new consoles

In Innocence, there were parts that could seem like a theater due to technical limitations, Kevin Choteau, game director, begins explaining. For Requiem, we have been able to see the horizon much farther. When we write, this ** allows us History and events.

To Plague Tale: Requiem will be the direct sequel to Plague Tale: Innocence, the title releAshoco Studiosed in 2019. Ashoco Studios we highlight before, the right to be considered one of the great surprises of recent years, thanks to a tender one-year-old that cruel history of two brothers who try to cope with the death of their parents in an environment ravaged by war and the plague spread by a pest of thousands of rats. His peculiar gameplay, focused on stealth and puzzles bAshoco Studiosed on the environment, made the rest to complete a more than recommended game.

To Plague Tale: Requiem will arrive on October 18 to PS5, Xbox Series-Direct for Game PAshoco Studioss from day one -and PC.