Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) completed the update and main quest of three new characters in the mobile action RPG ‘World Flipper’, co-developed by Saigats (CEO Watanabe Koichi) and Sai Games, a subsidiary of Sitgemen Co., Ltd. I said it was.

The characters that appeared this time are three new characters, including ★ 5 [Dark Night Hope Edu Keus], and Kakao Games will hold a pickup event with a large number of characters until the 24th.

First, ★ 5 [Dark Night Hope Edu Keus] is a male character that leads the demon moderate wave, which shoots a curse wave and deals damage to the enemy before and after. In addition, ‘★ 5 [The Prince of Hope] is a high elves girl, which rotates wind weapons around him to inflict a damage to enemies.

In addition, ‘★ 4 [Lanterns Limit Liris]’, which raises the attack power of all veterans with the sword of heavenly hope, will appear together.

Kakao Games offers ‘one free character pickup’ every day until August 11, and held the character ‘Fostering Support Campaign’ by July 24 to reduce the stamina needed for quests in half, and the challenge of challenge challenge. Provide one more time.

Meanwhile, the main quest was completed after adding 8 chapters and 15-3.

For more information about the new character update and events of the World Flipper, the official community can be found in the official community.