MattBatwings of YouTuber has started distributing the world Building Your Redstone IDEAS!* Based on the idea recruited from the Minecraft ** community members.

MattBatwings is a YouTuber that mainly works on craft videos using redstone circuits in Minecraft. In the past, he has created Tetris and Calculator on the Redstone Circuit, and has not only performed finished products, but also explain the structure in videos.

This time, he changed his taste and recruited ideas on his Discord server, adopted and realized four of them, and released it on the community site Planet Minecraft.

The video introduces the craft of the rhythm game Dancedancerevolution (DDR) in addition to the random number generators without a dispenser, the adder, and the operated electronic bulletin board. It seems that MattBatwings has never actually played DDR, but there is a screen where arrow notes flowing and score display unique to this work are prepared, and the last is how to play with a dance pad. It has been shown.

In addition, DDR in the world is silent and the score is random, but it is said to be if you want to remodel it, and says, I want to see what you think (how to remodel it).