Beyond Good & Evil 2 seems to be still working on Ubisoft Montpellier studios.

The sequel to beyond Good & Evilin, published in 2003, was announced almost 15 years ago, 2008. Since then, only occasional yards have been heard from the project, which has been forced to question the existence of the game for the whole game. Now, however, the subject has been the first concrete tangible time of information.

Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Lead Writer proclaims himself on Twitter Sarah Arellano . By his Linkedin \ and Twitter profiles, Areelano has previously worked for, among other things, the _sains rown, and Blizzard world of Warcraft. Ubisoft has commented on the subject by PC Gamer by wishing Avellano with satisfaction with his team in Montpellier and mentioning the developers working full on the project.


Beyond Good & Evil 2’s The date of publishing or year is still no information.