At present, one of the most anticipated series for Amazon Prime is that of the lord of the rings: the power rings, itself that is set within the universe of films that the director Peter Jackson worked at the time. However, it seems that he has not had much to do with this project and now the filmmaker himself spoke about it.

According to his words, the producer of the series approached him to know if he wanted to get involved in the series, before this Jackson told him that he first would like to take a look at the script. Thus they agreed that it was sent within a couple of days, but apparently this never came to the director of the director, so Jackson would have been discarded.

Here the words he said to the podcast of The Hollywood Reporter:

Producer Fran Wash asked me if he wanted to get involved in the series. And I mentioned it is impossible to answer without having seen the script, so they answered me as soon as we have the first sketches of the script, we will send them to you, but those scripts were never revealed.

On his part, he mentions that he is anxious to take a look as a casual spectator to the final project:

I am not the kind of person who wishes anyone wrong, making movies is already difficult enough. If someone creates a good movie or series, it is something to celebrate. And I’m waiting to see The Rings of Power as a neutral spectator.

It is worth mentioning that the lord of the rings: the power rings will be a story set years before the events of the community of the ring and the hobbit , so it will be Interesting to know the background. It is also a good premise so that fans do not find inconsistencies in relation to the successful trilogy that began in 2001 .

Remember that the series premieres next September 5 at Amazon Prime Video .