The Xenoblade Chronicle series has been on everyone’s lips in the last weeks thanks to the launch of its third game, which is the entrance to the franchise for many users. And after this will come a DLC to finish expanding the story that according to many people is linked quite subtle among their three video games.

Recently it has been confirmed that the creator of the series and founder of Monolith Soft, Tetsuya Takahashi , shared a message to Japanese customers, one that has to do with the future of the saga. In addition to annexing thanks to those who trusted the proposal and a advice for what they want to do with respective projects.

Here the translation made by Nintendo EveryTHING :

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is also a stop point for me. This title represents the conclusion of the story of Xenoblade that began with the Klaus experiment.

While it is a conclusion, that does not mean that it is the end of the Xenoblade series. It is just a stop point in my mind. I think that everyone who played this title and the additional stories in the expansion pass can imagine what the future holds to Xenoblade.

It is worth mentioning that the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is not over, not even in the base game, since next year we will have an important expansion similar to that of turns The Golden Country With the second title. So there is still content to see in relation to the exclusive enigmatic franchise of Nintendo .

Remember that this third game is available on Switch .