Project Cloud Games has released the latest gameplay video of the multi-player action Project Relic .

This work is a soul-like multi-player action scheduled to be released in early 2023 for PlayStation/Xbox/PC. The video released in 2021 revealed that Kamel and YAN exist as playable characters in addition to the video of the game prototype.

Future Games SHOW GAMESCOM 2021 has a short Kamel battle scene, and in May 2022, you can see how to explore the area. And in this video, unlike the past, it starts with a horror-like video that goes through the forest where women cry. In the second half, in addition to the battle scene with the enemy who seems to be a giant who appeared in the past, it depicts the protagonist taking a break near a bonfire where light shines from heaven.

Project Relic, which is currently developed by 10 staff members, will be released for PlayStation/Xbox/PC in early 2023.