[CEO Kim Park Ye-jin reporter] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) unveiled its official brand media ‘NC Play’.

‘NC PLAY’ is a brand media channel that renovates NC’s official blog that has been communicating with companies, brand stories and game information. It has been changed to an interactive platform where you can experience various branded content optimized for digital media and mobile. The domain also changed.

NC Play is divided into ▲ ‘NEWS’ tab in the form of newsrooms ▲ ‘Play’ tab where you can experience new content optimized for digital media. In the NEWS tab, you can check the content series dealing with NC’s corporate value, culture, games, and R & D technology. The ‘Play’ tab can be experienced not only creative and experimental content such as video and webtoons, but also various participatory contents such as interactive, short foam and story type.

NC introduced the ‘Story Touch function’ for interactive content. It is a function that allows you to touch the mobile screen to enjoy the next screen. ▲ Interactive contents such as ‘TL PLAY NOVEL’, which contains the worldview of the new PC and console ‘TL (Throne and Liberty)’, and the interactive contents, such as NC’s brand project ‘NC Play Project’, can be experienced.

The English page was also reorganized. By providing a lot of content in blogs in Korean and English, global users can experience NC’s news and content.

Park Myung-jin, chief brand officer (PBO), said, It is a new type of brand media platform that effectively conveys various creative contents under the brand philosophy of ‘value of pleasure’. I want to give it.