Developer Bonsai Collective announced on August 17 the first-person barrage action Luna Abyss . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PlayStation/Xbox. According to the store page, it will also support Japanese display.

LUNA ABYSS is a first-person viewpoint barrage action adventure game that emphasizes story. The stage will be the lunar month Luna. In the deep underground of Luna, traces of the once prosperous large city, Graymont (Gray Mont), remain, and the allegations that are crazy from the space, also known as the abyss, are constantly echoing.

In this work, the player is a prisoner sent to Luna, and will be ordered to be sentenced to collect the forgotten technology hidden inside Gray Mont’s colony. The player performs his mission and explores the cause of the decline of Gray Mont. During the search, all the players’ actions seem to be monitored by the artificial guard Aylin. It is unknown how Erin, who shines red eyes and shine to players who solve the mystery of the devastated land, will respond.


In the trailer, some battle parts of this work were unveiled. In this work, battles like barrage games are characteristic. It seems that it is necessary to move around the colony from the first person perspective and avoid countless spherical attacks emitted by enemies. In the battle that was unveiled in the trailer, you can also check the use of rifles and throwing weapons. From one weapon to another weapon, it seems that seamless changes are possible according to the situation. In the trailer, some of the enemy’s attack patterns are also unveiled. Attack that fires a sphere in all directions while rotating, or attacks that track at high speed for players. You can see how high-speed battles are unfolding.

Bonsai Collective, which develops LUNA ABYSS, is a game developer established in 2019. Bonsai Collective was founded by Hollie Emery, Harry Corr, and Benni Hill. Production director Hollie belongs to Team17 in the past. She was involved in launches such as Overcooked in the past. Art director HARRY and creative director Benni were involved in the production of the puzzle action game Q.U.B.E. 2.

LUNA ABYSS is currently being developed for PC (Steam) and PlayStation/Xbox. According to the Steam store page, it will support Japanese display. If you want to step into the abyss of the abyss and find the truth while avoiding the approaching fears, why not put them in a wish list.