Currently, cult of the Lamb is one of the most acclaimed indies games of the year. However, this title is not free of controversies, since it has been pointed out that the reason why this delivery is not available at Xbox Game Pass , is because PlayStation paid to avoid this. However, Returns Digital has clarified this situation .


As part of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, Brazil is currently investigating this acquisition, and in this process several interesting details have been revealed. It was here that the Redmond company accused Sony of paying developers to prevent their games from getting to Game Pass. Thus, Gary Whitta, a member of Kinda Funny Games, mentioned that this had been the case with _cult of the Lamb:

Someone told me that part of the reason why [Cult of the Lamb] is not in Game Pass is that Sony paid [the developer] not to put it in Game Pass.

Considering Microsoft’s statements, many came to believe this. However, returning digital, who were in charge of publication of this game, have clarified the situation, and have pointed out that this is absolutely false. In this way, it is more than clear that cult of the lamb no He arrived at Xbox Game Pass for other reasons, and not because Sony paid for it.

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Editor’s note:

Although it is true that Sony has paid so that certain games do not reach Game Pass, this does not mean that all titles that are not available in this service have money from the Japanese company. I just hope this does not begin endless theories of this type.