The heart and soul of the Saint Row franchise has always been the gang. Then, it would be absolutely silly if the gang were nothing more than a showcase in this restart. Even as AI partners, the gang is more than capable of providing support when you need it. Here is How to ask for reinforcements in Saints Row .

How to ask for reinforcements in Saints Row

There are two ways to ask for reinforcements and help you in the game battles. The first is to call one of your friends from your contact list. To open it, simply press the touch panel button/see to get your phone in the game and select the contacts application.

There you will see a list of your closest allies, such as Kev, Eli, Neenah and Nahualli later in the game. Select one to call and he or she will appear and follow him, unless he is on a mission. These characters, except the last one, have loyalty missions that will increase their effectiveness in battle with more health and better weapons once completed.

Another way to ask for support is with the ability to intercession, although it is more an informal tool than a partner. The intercession ability allows you to call Saints members to suddenly appear and fight against any threat to you.

The ability is unlocked at level 17 and should be [Equipped Through the Skills App] (Link how to level up and get new skills) on the ph1. Once equipped, you can invoke reinforcements by holding the R1/RB button and pressing the face button to which the skill is assigned.

That is all you need to know about How to ask for reinforcements in Saints Row . See the links below to get more useful guides and be attentive to Saint Row for Saint Row coverage.

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