It occupies the role of the small in the DS program, his opponents are called Audi A3, BMW 1 Collection or Mercedes A-Class. The trendy also goes right into information, for instance in the kind of the enamel decors created in the screen printing procedure in the rear home window or the small DS logo in the C-pillar.

Exactly how he charges: AC-AC, the DS4 E-Tense only authorizes a single phase, but with a 7.4 kW onboard loader. For the billing duration, this implies: household socket for a great seven hours, 22 kW wall surface box for nearly 2 hours. There is no quick billing function when it comes to most plug-in crossbreeds.

What we imply: in terms of feel, design as well as charisma, the DS4 E-dens is additionally on its premium entitlement-also at the price. It might still be interesting for DS within the Stellis Group.

We located the seats to be really hassle-free, which optionally have a massage and also air flow function, in which you can not be around natural leather, a minimum of in Rivoli devices. Nowadays, some might want it in a different way as well as without animal skin.

Exactly how far it obtains electrically : We consider the information sheet and also take a WLTP distance of 55 kilometers. This is viable if you deal with the driving pedal reasonably and also the temperature levels additionally permit mild. Realistic in everyday life are 40 to 45 kilometers.

Electrical choice: Ideally, the E-Tene with a battery cost comes around 55 kilometers. Producer

What drives him: A 1.6 l four-cylinder petroleum engine with 133 kW/181 hp as well as an 81 kW/110 hp electric motor, together the duo brings it to a system outcome of 165 kW/225 hp. The power for electrical driving provides a 12.4 kWh battery.

Present triad: Letters can be painted on the small writing pad in the facility console. Manufacturer

The display behind the guiding wheel is comparatively small, after all, it can be filled up with various web content, and also there is additionally the big (as well as conventional) head-up display screen with increased reality presentation, on which we after that also the messages of the web traffic indicator detection have actually found. Ingeniously easy: the great change of the Hud is using the switch for the outside mirror setting. This does not function so straightforward from every producer.

Exactly how much it eats: 1.3 to 1.4 l/100 kilometres, the information say. Back to fact: In moderately driven crossbreed mode, we noted 4.3 l/100 km, the long-term mix with many combustion stages resulted in 6.7 l/100 km.

Just how it is established up: Finely processed at first glance, extremely classy and also really honorable, however the eye discovers one or the various other tough plastic information on the 2nd. Fashionable aspect is the ruby, the DS developers need to have had a whole spray of it, the geometric form can be discovered on the window lifts along with on the mini-touchpad (for transcribed command input) in the center console or the driving setting button.

The combustion engine as well as electric motor team also works without problems. Up to a rate of 135 km/h, this can be relocated purely electrically, which naturally is a rather theoretical value, since in your area emission-free streamers are mainly introduced in the city, where the recovery only has a single-stage can be used especially successfully. The electrical reserves can also be kept back, here-helping with numerous residual distances offered and e-Save setting.

How much area he has: When it pertains to room, it fits in the front areas, yet in the back there is at least larger contemporaries in air up to the backrest as well as approximately the roofing system. The approach to the back does not truly succeed with poise. The trunk is dimensioned usually, similar to all plug-in hybrids, it has to hand in a traffic congestion quantity for the grip battery, so the ability avoids 430 to 390 litres, it can be broadened to 1190 litres.

The more profane siblings of the DS4 are called Peugeot 308 and Opel Astra, which is offered with the exact same plug-in crossbreed innovation. Paris luxury or not: With a Penibler point of view, you are not handling a Frenchman at all, due to the fact that the DS4 is constructed in Rüsselsheim. His maker transforms the scarcity of explanation to a virtue and also describes the extra seal of authorization Made in Germany.

DS4 E-denses: drives with electricity as well as gas. Supplier

What it sets you back: from 37,900 euros. In order to enjoy state funding, the DS4 E-Tens must no much longer be supplied in time.

What it offers: The E-Tene 225 is the top version in the DS4 program. Most driving assistants are summarized into bundles, the reversing electronic camera with a 360-degree view, for example, the flexible contamination or the cross web traffic warning.

As an alternative to the EV program, there is the common crossbreed setup, in which the software program looks after the targeted use of electrical makers or burning engines. The fuel designer completes solo looks acoustically unobtrusively, only if the performance is higher, he just raises the voice more plainly.

Various other features need to be troublesome to learn about the touchscreen, as an example, the seats and also steering wheel heating. The voice aide ( Okay, Iris) does not understand lots of points, in some cases the audio volume has actually additionally been bid farewell in our test cars and truck, when we left the entire information. And the intensity of the imaging can not with that said of, for instance, kia maintain, particularly in the dark, the transmission of the turning around video camera appears rather diffuse.

Just how he drives: Technically, the DS4 E-dens does an excellent job. The front-wheel drive increases cheerfully and can be conducted as neutrally around the curves.

As he looks: What the Volkswagen Group operates with Cupra, the Franco-German-Italian-American conglomerate of Stellantis with DS: the establishment of a brand name for high demands. Cupra generally plays the stylish card, however DS counts on French flair, terms such as Savoir Faire and Haute Couture are attempting. Yet while Cupra is nearly sensational success, DS is still hard at the very least in Germany: only an excellent 1000 designs were enabled to be confessed in the initial few months of this year.

That is much. As well as additionally confirms what applies to nearly all plug-in hybrids in the case of the DS4 E-Tene: they make feeling, but only for those who mainly drive short-haul and refill them. The reality that the storage tank only holds 40 litres also suggests that a filling station need to be controlled in fairly usually.

Challenge: DS refers to the famous Déesse- The Götin von Citroen. Manufacturer

the data of the DS4 E-Tene 225

Drive plug-in hybrid, front-wheel drive, automatic 8 automated eight

displacement 1598 ccm

burning engine:

cylinder 4

Power 133 kW/181 hp at 6000/min

Max. Torque 300 Nm at 3000 rpm

electrical motor:

Power 81 kW/110 hp at 2500/min

Crossbreed drive:

Max. Torque 320 Nm

System performance 165 kW/225 hp

System torque 360 Nm

Boat 1400 kg (stopped), 750 kg (uncontrolled).

Load air conditioner one-phase as much as 7.4 kW.

Battery Lithium ion 12.4 kWh.

Price from 37,900 euros .

carbon dioxide exhaust 29-32 g/km.

Seats 5.

Examination consumption 6.7 l S per 100 km.

As he looks: What the Volkswagen Group operates with Cupra, the Franco-German-Italian-American conglomerate of Stellantis with DS: the establishment of a brand name for high needs. Exactly how much area he has: When it comes to space, it is comfortable in the front places, yet in the rear there is at least larger contemporaries in air up to the backrest and also up to the roof. Just how much it consumes: 1.3 to 1.4 l/100 kilometres, the information say. Just how he charges: AC-AC, the DS4 E-Tense just accepts a single stage, however with a 7.4 kW onboard loader. What we mean: in terms of charisma, style as well as environment, the DS4 E-dens is additionally on its costs entitlement-also at the cost.

payload 547 kg.

Size 4.40 m.

\ ———————————————————————-

elevation 1.49 m.

\ ———————————————————————-

\ ———————————————————————-

acceptable complete weight 2200 kg.

Contaminant typical Euro 6D-ISC-FCM.

Insurance coverage Typl courses 17 (KH), 21 (TK), 22 (VK) .

Power performance class A+.

Standard consumption WLTP 1.3-1.4 l S/100.

\ ———————————————————————-

Gas container 40 l.

trunk 390 to 1190 l.

empty weight 1653 kg.

velocity 0 to 100 km/h 7.7 sec.

top speed 233 km/h, electrically 135 km/h.

Size 1.83 m without, 2.06 m with exterior mirrors.