This year was very controversial in the entertainment world, since in the award of the Oscars there was an unfortunate accident for the comedian Chris Rock upon receiving a slap from Will Smith. And now, it has been mentioned that he will be the driving of the next awards ceremony, and if in the end he decided to participate in the edition of 2023 .

Given this, the response by Rock was no resounding, something that should have been a consequence of the academy did not lash out consistently with Will Smith at the time. According to the media, the comedian made the revelation during a stand-up show, comparing it with the case of OJ Simpson , something characteristic of the comedian.

It is worth mentioning, that an additional report came out that ensures a rejection regarding the superbowl commercials, but it seems that he is not interested in this type of collaborations. It is worth mentioning that for now he is not ready to have a talk on the subject with Will Smith , something that he made clear during another presentation of his show.


Smith Last month released a statement where he apologized to all, but before this Rock commented that he was only going through victim, so for now he is not willing to talk about the subject. And given the lack of a recognizable presenter in the Oscars , now the Academy will have to do a search to hire someone new.