In this collective guide to The Last of Us Part 1 you can find out:

  • How many comics are in the Last of Us Part 1
  • Where you can find all editions
  • Which trophy you get for the collectibles

The comics in the Last of Us Part 1 are coveted collectibles . If you find them all, you will be rewarded with a trophy. We show you all the locations of Ellie’s favorite comic series Savage Starlight.

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How many comics can be found in the Last of Us Part 1?

In the Last of Us Part 1 you can find a total of 14 comics . You will automatically receive the first edition at the end of the Bills Stadt chapter. Once you have found all comics, you get the gold trophy endure and survive. As you can achieve the remaining achievements, you can read in our Trophy Guide to The Last of Us Part 1 **.

The Last of Us: All comics in Pittsburgh

COMIC#1: Termination shock

The first comic in the Last of Us Part 1 can be found in Pittsburgh. In the section Alone and Leave you will be attacked by a group of Hunter at the beginning **. After the confrontation, you enter the Hunter camp in the garage. Once you have looted it, the path leads over a street to a bus wreck. This is the comic.

COMIC#2: Akretion

The next comic is available in the Hotellobby section. After a Hunter surprised you and tried to drown in a short video sequence, you reach the balcony of the dining room via the conference hall. Press yourself along the wall on the opposite side and collect the comic from the carpenter next to the sofa.

Comic#3: deep phase

Once you have met Henry and Sam, the section Leave the city begins. In the abandoned apartment right from the start, a staircase leads into the basement. There you open the blocked door ** with a knife and grab the comic behind it.

The Last of Us: All comics in the suburbs

Comic#4: Anti-piece

In the sewer system section, Joel comes to the beach. A few meters next to you you will find a blue shipwreck . This is the comic.

COMIC#5: Botto particles

For the botte particles you enter the last house on the right side of the street in the section Vorstadt, which you walk along with Henry and Sam. The booklet is at the top of the toilet in the bedroom.

The Last of Us: All comics in Tommy’s dam

Comic#6: Foreign element

At the beginning of the section Hydroelectric Damm, you walk through the wilderness along a river. At the end of a path you reach a car wreck in which the comic is located.

Comic#7: zero point

The seventh edition can be found in the Farmhaus section. After a cutscene you ride with Tommy to find Ellie. In the hidden pines ranch you go to the first floor. The booklet is on the left in the children’s room.

The Last of Us: All comics in the university

Comic#8: Free radicals


Right at the beginning of the section Open, Big Horns, you reach the university. Ride the street up in front of the main gate and collect the booklet from the hood of the blue SUV.

The Last of Us: All comics in the holiday resort on the lake

Comic#9: Uncertainty

You can find the comic uncertainty in the section Die Hunschaft. While you take over Ellie, follows the blood trail to a wooden hut. The door on the left leads to a desk in which the comic is placed.

Comic#10: Negropia

After the fight at the holiday complex, your sneaks down a hiking trail and balances on a rock wall. Creep through the sewage tube and follow the stairs to the viewpoint. The booklet lies on one of the benches.

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The Last of Us: All comics in the bus depot

COMIC#11: Rainfall

In the Autobahn exit section you will meet a few giraffes. Then follows Ellie and the giraffe that looks through the window. Follow the door into the stairwell and you come to the men’s toilets. There you will find the comic.

Comic#12: Catalysis

The second comic in the Bus depot chapter is located in the Underground tunnel section. If you have passed the area with the bloaters , you have to go diving and then help Ellie with a ladder. Follow the ventilation shaft and you reach the comic.

The Last of Us: All comics in Jackson

Comic#13: Singularity

Finally, you take over Ellie again and walk through the forest. The comic is located on the driver seat of the truck on the rock wall.

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