Although less than 1% of Netflix users make use of games on the platform, the company does not give up with its plans to offer 50 unique titles for all their subscribers. In this way, the implementation of a series of basic characteristics that are finally available in the service was recently revealed. **

According to Steve Moser, the Game Handles in Netflix are currently available. These are simply the username we choose to present us in the games , something extremely basic that, for some reason, was not available from the beginning. However, currently only the Breach, Mahjong Solitaire_ and _heads up!They are compatible with this characteristic, and it is unknown when it is that more titles will have support for the Game Handles.

Along with this, data miners have discovered the possibility of seeing classification tables and inviting friends to the games, something that, at the moment it is not available, could be implemented in the coming months . In this regard, Kumiko Hidaka, representative of Netflix, said the Game Handles were introduced last month, and commented on the following:


We are always looking to improve the experience of our members in the service, and we are exploring different characteristics to enrich Netflix’s mobile games. We have nothing else to share right now.

At the moment it is unknown when we will see the scoring boards implemented and the ability to invite friends to certain games. However, considering that these are basic options everywhere, It is very likely that we see this shortly . In related issues, these are the anime that will arrive in Netflix in September. Similarly, this is what the subscription would cost with commercials.

Editor note:

It is very strange that something as simple as user names were not available from the beginning. However, it is even more strange that this characteristic was available since last month, and nobody knew, until a couple of days ago. Considering that less than 1% of users make use of games, this should not really be a great surprise.