Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol, who was elected after the meeting of the Game Management Committee in August last year, is a good understanding of the content industry and the game.

He has been a professor of game engineering at Dongmyung University, studying the game industry, head of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, enhancing understanding of the content industry, and becoming the chairman of the Game Content Classification Committee.

One year before his inauguration, he met with Kim Kyu-chul, chairman of the Game Management Committee in Busan. Despite the short interview, Kim expressed his views on the position of NFT and P & E games, the big waves facing the game industry, and the role of the game.

Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol said that NFT and P & E games, the main topics of the game industry, are a bit cautious and have a clear position. He clarified the position of the institution that had to follow the current law as much as possible, but he continued to open his ears in the story of the game industry.

Chairman Kim said, It is impossible to introduce a P & E game as long as there is a provision of meandering in the current law regardless of my will. I know that there is a lot of pros and cons in the conference, including the media, he said. This is because the game water management committee is an enforcement agency. It may seem like the idea of the individual game water management committee..

At the same time, he also expressed his willingness to communicate with Blockchain Game, including P & E games.

Representative Kim Kyu-cheol said, I have met with a game company related to blockchain-related game companies. Even if there is nothing that can actually be done, I have to listen to and listen to their opinions. I was wondering if it was possible, but the more I knew it was fun and interesting. But I was wondering if it would be maintained.

I think this trend is inevitable. I have been learning a lot as a professor at school. Especially when I talk with students these days, I conclude with money stories. I personally curious about how P & E would approach these students. I agree to organize the mainnet in the mainnet.

The classification, which is the main role of the Game Management Committee, was not a problem that could be solved by manpower. One million games are released over the year, because they are not able to deal with them all.

Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol said, One million games are distributed per year. The introduction of AI for classification is in progress. I do it.

The Game Water Management Committee recently guided Zepetto, a meta bus platform, as a target classification. In addition, the king was continued. Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol explained that the guide to Zepeto as the target classification of game materials is to make no exception.

Chairman Kim said, Government departments are discussing at various angles with Zepeto. Personally, the Metavus-based platform thinks it is difficult to make profits except for the games we know.

In addition, Of course, Meta Bus is a platform, but it is a business division that the game water management committee pretends that the game in the Meta Bus is insisted that the game is an entertainment and the game is one of the internal activities. I think it’s a game and I think I should get a rating.


In addition, The Game Water Management Committee, which has been deliberating hundreds of thousands of deliberations so far, to those who distribute the game, ‘ It is pointed out that the world is changing, of course, because the world is changing. I also confessed.