Scarlet and Purple Pokémon will premiere a new function sociated with exploration by Pale . For the first time we can send our Pokémon to live their own adventure on foot. The benefits that will bring us free to us will be varied. We tell you everything we know.

Send Pokémon, the prelude to free fighting

During your trip you can order any Pokémon of your team to go to the address you choose. During your tracking you will get objects from the area that will be added to your bag automatically. This function also intercedes in the meetings against other Pokémon. When they face what Freak calls free combat .

A free combat will occur when your Pokémon sent to explore meets another in the wild. You will not have to select any attack command: everything will be left side by your partner . You can continue doing what you prefer in the area while he is fighting those who he is. At the end of a free fight, a percentage of experience will be added and there is also a possibility of adding new objects if it is victorious.

On the lower left of your Nintendo Switch screen you will see the Pokémon logo that you have sent next to its health bar, which will be updated in real time. It will be in your hand to return it to its Football or cure him to continue with the exploration.

The information comes from the round of novelties that The Pokémon Company shared on September 7. Among them are Armature and College, the new Pokémon that arise exclusive warriors for each edition. Both had a presence in the lt trailer, which you can see in this link. Remember that scarlet and purple Pokémon plans to launch on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.