Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, we will deliver the play repo of Jack Move released from Publisher Hype train Digital / Development So Romantic for PC (Steam / Humble Store / Epic Game Store). The console version will be released on September 20 for PS4 / Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch version will be released on September 22.

What is Jack Move?

This work is a cyberpunk turn-based retro JRPG that will be the young female hacker Noah belonging to the vigilante, and reveals the conspiracy of a giant corporate monomind. The player is Noah, a member of Bright Town’s up-and-coming vigilante hacker.

Her best friend and advisor Rider, and her uncle who is always drinking Martini, a former corporate spy Win, challenges the monomind.

The enemies have a weakness of 3 freezing relationships, and you can aim for great damage by using weak attribute attacks. However, since the skills that can be equipped are limited, we will customize the computer called the cyber deck and change the attack, defense, and buff (support effect).

It also supports Japanese, and is localized in the world view. However, there is no kanji notation to match the world view or a retro feeling, and the applicable part is katakana notation.

Jack Move is a skill system that assembles a self-made computer

The player is Noah, a young female hacker belonging to Bright Town vigilante. At the request of her job, the tutorial starts from entering an office building to steal her evidence data.

She tried to invade the entrance, but she was found by a monomind guard and started her battle. The battle of this work is turned, but the enemy or player may act for two consecutive turns. The order of the turn can be confirmed at the top of the screen, making it easier to make a strategy to move next.

Because it is a hacker, each name of the command is named after the computer term, and until you get used to it, you will be able to play while checking the explanation listed at the top of the screen. First, executing the physical attack hack and applying two punches, destroying the enemy easily and going into the building.

In the field, when you enter the encounter zone where the enemy appears, the dangerous level meter is displayed, and the higher the meter, the higher the encounter rate.

Also, press ESC Key can easily change the encounter rate from the Deckcon Fig menu. In addition to dangerous, which increases the encounter rate from usual, it can be set in four stages: zero, where enemies do not appear. However, if the encounter rate is reduced from usual due to the game balance, there is a possibility that the enemy will be instantly killed as the game progresses, so I want to keep in mind that it is not regular.

When you enter the office building and go a little, you will find a treasure chest and get the equipment. The equipment in this work is called the hardware module, but it is not easy to equip it like other RPGs to each part of the body.

In the first place, what is hardware is for a computer called cyber deck equipped by players. The Cyber Deck has an extended slot, which is the first time that it is attached to the empty slot. At first, there is only one expansion slot, but the expansion is possible in the shop.

As you go, you will encounter the enemy and start a tutorial for skills. In this work, magic points are called data and skills are called software. Software has three attributes, Cyberwar, Electron Wear, and Wet, each with 3 freezing, each with resistance and weakness in specific attributes.

It is good if the weakness software is installed (equipped with the skill) during battle, but if not, you can recombine the skill from the Install of the command menu. However, be careful if you have less physical strength because it consumes one turn just by changing. In such a case, cache is useful to delay the action until the next 1. During the cache, the defense system starts, not defenseless. If you delay the action, you can act more than 2 turns in a row.

After returning, when you select the installation, the memory setting screen is opened. It is a style that installs software on flash memory instead of HDD. Memory has an upper limit and only three slots at first. The software has the number of memory used, and it is impossible to equip it if it is not enough, and if expanded, you need to purchase additional memory at the parts shop.

Unfortunately, there is no software that suits the empty slot of recovery skills in the progress of the explanation play in this repo, so let’s attach it to recover your physical strength.

In the meantime, I found the desired personal computer and saved the evidence data. At the same time, the enemy’s security became even stricter, and he decided to head to the roof under the instructions of his partner Rider. Somehow I reached the rooftop and ended up. When the rider asked me to wait one minute, I was in the battle with the boss who was catching up!

A special ability Jack Move is activated using a yellow JM meter that has been full in the past battle against Sukiyaki who followed the two AKO enemies! Jack Move is a special ability that can damage the enemy, or if you receive it, the JM meter will accumulate and activate.

If you enter the specified direction button at the right time, you can do a lot of damage to multiple enemies.

The techniques belonging to this jack move will be newly acquired at the story progressive event, not by level up.

Defeat the first boss and dive from the building with the rider’s shout! The main part is the production where the game title is displayed.

Approach the actual content of Jack Move!

This work is made many times in the same area because the story progresses in one city of Bright Town, but every time the story progresses, many NPC arrangements and conversations change in the same area., It is made without getting tired.

Also, NPCs, which have no change in the conversation, have a mark indicating that the same content will be repeated, so you will be able to see at a glance if you can talk to new conversations and events. I am.

In the early stages, the father of an estranged scientist calls for help. The help of his father has not been fulfilled, and his father has been kidnapped by a monomind, and the story begins in earnest to rescue his father.

In addition to the main quest, you can also take a detour by side quests. Side quests are caused by talking to NPCs in the city, but there is no mark on which NPC wants to ask for quests, so we do not know until we talk.

In addition, there is no information about which area should be searched for the drop-based side quest, so it is a pity that it is necessary to find it by groping, and it does not lead to fun. In the main quest, the destination and the direction itself are not clearly displayed, so you may be lost… However, if you play the early stage, the field does not seem to be so wide, so if you search evenly, you will go immediately. You can find it.

It was a bit disappointing that the attack pattern does not change even if the boss’s physical strength decreases in the boss battle, except for the first boss as long as the first boss. The balance of the whole game is good, and the animation is relatively refreshing, so I wanted the boss behavior patterns to change frequently from the beginning.

Jack Move which has been introduced so far, but I think that it has been developed for nearly 10 years and has been modified by user feedback etc. The trial version is also distributed , so why not check out JRPG lovers?