Comes (CEO Song Jae-won, Lee Johan) announced on the 13th that it will open an offline pop-up café to commemorate the collaboration with Summers War: Arena (Summers War) and Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Comes Global Hit ‘Summers War’ conducted a variety of contents that could not be met in the existing ‘Summers War’, such as the Dave’s Sisters ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ and the collaboration update last month, and the collaboration cookies and limited contents. Comes plans to open a pop-up café with rich gifts and events to commemorate the meeting of both representative works to create special memories with users.

The pop-up café is held over the second round. The first pop-up will be operated at the Honda Café ‘Humming Bella’ in Seoul for two days from September 17 to 18, and the second will be held on September 25 at the Susan Onto Café ‘Jacobi Stadium’. The operating hours are the same from 12 pm to 7 pm.

First, ‘Summers War’ users who visit the site will provide opportunities to participate in the field event with game goods coupons and free drinks.

You can receive various goods gifts just by participating in the field event. We offer products such as grip-talk through ‘Human Intelligent Quiz Vending Machine’ and ‘Rock Scissors Confrontation’ using Monster Singsong, and will present official goods through a separate draw. If you authenticate after uploading on-site photos, you can also receive a mysterious summoning coupon.

There is also a special guest to welcome visitors. Hang and brave cookies, the popular characters of ‘Summers War’ and ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, will appear in the café photo zone and event zones so that visitors can leave a great certification shot.

In addition, the company will run a goods store where you can meet the premium goods of ‘Summers War’, such as Chakra Merchanter and Boomerang Warrior Twin Figures, and will also hold an online comment event for users who are difficult to visit on-site.