The first Safari Zone event in Korea will be held at San Lake Park in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from today (23rd) to 25th. Nike and Loyang announced the beginning of the Safari Zone: Loyang, which will be held for three days at 8:30 on the 23rd.

Safari Zone is an offline event where Nearer is around the world for Pokémon Go players. This time, you can meet Pokémon such as ‘Seal Burke’, ‘Mousse Gap’, and ‘Flame Be (Blue Flower)’ in line with the concept of Loyang Lake Park, which has a variety of flowers. It also appears as a rare probability.

In addition, players can catch Pikachu, who wore safari hat during the event, as well as caterpillars, Mignon, office, Ramos, bhikkuri and surprise.

The Nike side evaluated the background of the event at San Lake Park as a city with a cultural/historical heritage and a safe environment, along with the geographical advantage located near Seoul. It will be an opportunity to explore and rediscover Loyang City to residents of Loyang and visitors to Loyang.

Lee Dong-hwan, who visited the opening ceremony on the 23rd, said, I think this event will have a tremendous economic effect from Loyang City. I hope.

Loyang City is known to have prepared this offline event of Nike. Loyang City provided a promotion to provide accommodation at a discounted price so that tourists who visited San Lake Park abroad not to be ‘ripped off’.

Tickets for Safari Zone: Loyang can be purchased at the Pokémon Go Inn Game Interface or the official website. There are two types of tickets, with a total of 16,000 won for general tickets (12 pm to 18 pm) and 24,000 won for pre-entry tickets (09 am-18 pm). San Lake Park will be transformed into a place for Pokémon Go for 3 days. Participants can meet various decorations, as well as team lounges, battle areas, Pokémon exchanges, special pocket stops and photo zones.

Ticket buyers can exchange up to five times during the period, and the sands used for exchange are also reduced by 50%. You can get a limited edition medal that you have participated in the event, and you can earn various rewards. During the event, the duration of the census increases to 8 hours, and the duration of all lure modules increases to 4 hours. In addition, buyers can receive real goods such as Pikachu Sun visor, Fiancé, and Willow Card on the spot on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Pikachu Memorial Photo, which is a symbol of offline event, runs 8 times a day for 20 minutes from 10 o’clock.

Loyang is a city of history and culture… I hope you feel beauty at the festival for 3 days

Answer of the native and reporters held at the opening ceremony.

Q. How many economic effects do you predict?

** a. It’s hard to talk about the economic effects of this event right now, but I think there will be economic effects because there are some users who visit this area for this event in other regions or other countries.

There are many cities that help live events, but I think that this event is possible because of this event. We usually publish how many Pokémon have caught and how many distances the trainers have taken after the event. You can check it later on the official blog.

Q. Is there a Korean city where another event is being discussed?

a. We talk with many cities, but now there is no release. Nevertheless, Safari Zone will be held in Taiwan and Singapore this year. The event was held in Korea and received a lot of support and support from Loyang City, and Korean users were also very grateful for playing fun. I hope you come together and enjoy it.

Q. What are the criteria for selecting a park where live events are held?

A. One of the mottoes of Nereid is to make people explore the community. Another criterion is important for trainers to explore the field and find out how new things are found.

Q. Loyang will hold every two years, but about this story?

a. (Laughter) We would like to do so, but there is nothing now. I am grateful to know how many players are enjoying in the Korean market.

Q. Finally, please ask Korean users.

A. Thank you for coming to this event and enjoying it. This event is an opportunity to meet and connect many users. I would like to come to Battle and Trading Area and don’t be ashamed and actively meet other users.


Sapari Zone: Loyang meet in the picture

Below is the first day of Safari Zone: Loyang.