In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, LOMBARDS and MELODRAMA FILMS will be developed and will introduce the content that will be anxious to play Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers which is being distributed from September 21.

What is Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers

This work is a horizontal scroll plane shooting game drawn in the 1950-style monochrome touch. The fact that the Emperor and the aliens, who came to the earth in front of humanity to prosper in human beings, have created Vega Corporation ** and steadily rooted, and finally promoting terrible ambitions. Will be revealed.

As Lieutenant Kaya of Squadron 51 ** formed by humans who resist, players are small fighters, such as reciprocating and early jets at the time, and large flying boats. Fight the aliens that develop a relentless barrage using four types of aircraft, including.

There is also a joint development of Brazil video company MELODRAMA FILMS, and it is a must-see for old-fashioned expression methods, live-action cut scenes, stereotype aliens and UFOs.

In addition, this work has some translation omissions, but it supports multiple languages, including Japanese. It is indispensable for shooting Completely supports pad operation . In addition, it is also possible to play with two-player in local two people .

Casual science fiction story seen by family

The story develops in the dawn of TV The atmosphere of the 50s , as it is, in black and white, a beautifully prepared image by contemporary technology.

One day, Emperor Along, who appeared from beyond the universe, and his aliens under the universe descended in front of humanity as a friendly entity. It was a big behavior, such as blending into the earth society with a complaint and harmony, and built a huge factory, but the hero Kaya, who was convinced that there was a conspiracy behind it, belonged to the hero Kaya. 51 Squadron.

The 51 Squadron, which is led by Marshal Jamaica , has been fighting today to open people who have been in harsh labor by Emperor Cargo.

However, Emperor Along skillfully operated the media and public opinion and repressed the 51 squadrons that had raised for humanity as a terrorist. Socially and sometimes eliminated the opposition, and the event was secretly promoting the intention of hijacking the earth **.

The cut scenes flowing between the opening and the stage were all composed of live action, and it was a pleasant way to enjoy it because of the irony of overseas, the battle scene, the classic development that did not hide as clean, and the blatant synthetic video. It is a work where you can feel the strong commitment of the creators who have a retro style.

Authentic shooting with everything you need

As the Steam tag Nikki House shows, you will only operate your own machine during play and fight the UFO horde. As a background, ally may be mixed, but there are no elements such as instructing the wing aircraft, and only for your arms and custom aircraft.

There are 4 types of aircraft in all, but what can be used on the stage is fixed, and only the custom part is shared. At first, there are only basic upgrades such as bombs and rising rates of the main guns, and there are only three slots, but it is a mechanism that gradually releases the score earned during the game.

Fighters are small and easy to avoid the aircraft, but the armed is only one main gun. Large aircraft are almost twice as large, but have multiple rains, can attack backwards, and have overwhelming attack power to three main guns.

Nevertheless, the difficulty of this work that is not easy is the composition of elaborate enemy performance and stage gimmick, which can be said to be orthodox shooting . Despite being a traditional plane style, the graphics itself was elaborate 3D and the deep terrain was combined, and sometimes unexpected routes were found outside the screen.

In this work, there is a frame of special weapons in addition to the main gun, and when it is here, it is possible to break through the strong enemy using a bomb or missile to open the road.

In the second half, the enemy’s barrage also becomes intense and develops like a puzzle, and the effect of the special effects style spreads throughout the screen. There is no doubt that you will be full of exhilaration and realism.

your own custom and your own strategy

The aircraft custom of this work is quite powerful, and the difficulty may change depending on the combination. There are various types and characteristics of the enemy, and I have not tried all, but there is a great point where you can accumulate the gauge necessary for ** special attack with special attacks.

At first, it is only a bomb, but up to two special weapons can be installed, and it can be used by filling the gauge by shooting down enemy aircraft. By using it alternately, you can complement the necessary points, and there are not only specials in the upgrade, but also strengthening the ability of various weapons and physical strength recovery .

Special weapons and main guns can all be fired at the same time. If to unlock progresses to some extent and the equipment is enhanced, it is not impossible to quickly crush the large enemies and bosses with 3 armed ** attacks in total instantaneous firepower.

In the first place, the special charge itself is fast, so even if you cut off a crowd of small fish enemies that attack on the way, you will be changing. I think it’s the right play to avoid the barrage, but it’s also a shooting to defeat the enemy that creates the barrage, so if you think it’s a bit of a hindrance, don’t hesitate to wipe out with a special.

The results of each stage are evaluated by up to three stars, and if the play is to seek more perfect clear, this special use will greatly affect the time and score.

In this work, the story itself is short and the story itself is short. When the equipment came together, there were plenty of time to deal with the enemy, so I was able to clear it in about 3 hours.

The monochrome and special effects-style finish are novel and noticeable, but as a 50s, it is noted that the aircraft that players pilot are also available in old models. I don’t like new weapons very much, and I think that a bit of such a small part, such as nostalgic ages with Catalina and Saber, are the points of this work.

As for the shooting, it is quite solid, so those who have been waiting for them will surely be satisfied.

Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers is being distributed on Steam. It is 15 % off in commemoration of the release, and the console version is scheduled to be released at the end of 2022.

Title: Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers
Compatible model: Model played by the author: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 21, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 3 hours
Price: 1,688 yen