They are crispy, cheese and tasty. Unfortunately, the recipe for puff trekking can also be a little difficult to track in the game. That is why we told how exactly you can cook trekking layers that will make you love every resident of the valley.

Ingredients for Puff Trekking in Dream light Valley

Trekking layers are a three-star dish, so only three ingredients need them. You need one zucchini , one egg and also one cheese as well as a piece of coal to heat the stove. Having collected all the ingredients, go to the stove and put zucchini, egg and cheese in a pan. They will merge together, and you will have a delightful plate of layers.

Where to find the ingredients for puff trekking in the Drimlinite Valley

To prepare the layers of Trekking, you first need to unlock the GUI shop in the sun-flooded plateau as well as the chat of Remi. Access to the Chen REMY can be obtained only by bringing Remi into the valley, so try to free the rat from his memory prison as soon as possible.

After you unlock everything you need, go to the Huffy Shuffle counter, where you can buy both Puccini seeds and completely grown Trekking plants, depending on how much you improved the counter. Take the trekking in Chen Remy, where you can buy eggs and cheese from inventory in the kitchen.

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