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[Review] The season of the headset is back, shall we prepare for the JBL Quantum 810 gaming package?

It seemed to be quite warm until a month ago, but the temperature is getting colder with the cold wind as the temperature falls vertically around 10 degrees. It is old saying that Korea is clear in the four seasons. I haven’t felt autumn yet, but I’m already pulling out thick clothes.

By the time this cold winter comes, there is a PC peripheral, a honey item. That’s the headset. I went to a listening shop last year and I always heard it at the store.

The reason is simple. Honestly, in the summer, no matter how well it is a mesh material or ventilation, it is not easy to use it for a few hours. That’s why most of the summer users who change to earphones are quite visible. Instead, the words are different in chilly autumn or cold winter. If you use only comfortable materials in cool weather due to nature cooling, it is not inconvenient to use for a long time. ~~ Warm. ~~

Of course, it is not necessary to use it as a warmth. There are quite a few headsets that have good performance optimized for gaming just by looking at the gaming headsets that are released these days. Therefore, even in the summer, users who are uncomfortable and find a headset instead of earphones are particularly preferred in winter.

At the same time, the gaming gear brand, which was noticeable, came to mind and I would like to introduce this opportunity. It is a well-known sound equipment company, and is currently spreading the gaming sector through the Quantum series, and is presenting various products.

JBL is actually more famous as a company that produces professional acoustic equipment, but now it is expanding its position by launching several gaming gears from gaming headsets to wireless earphones, microphones, and speakers. Naturally, in the case of performance, the quality is guaranteed without doubt, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Today’s product is JBL’s ambitious gaming headset JBL Quantum 810 wireless and 810 headset gaming speakers JBL Quantum Duo , Gaming Mike JBL Quantum Stream will also look at it.

JBL Quantum 810 Gaming Package
Three Brothers of Quantum Series!

‘JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset’

Product specifications

Driver type : 50 mm dynamic driver

frequency response : 20Hz-40,000 Hz

Type of connection : wireless

Bluetooth transmission output : <12dbm (wireless dongle connection <13dbm)

Color : Black

Impedance : 32 ohm

Sensitivity : 95db [email protected] kHz

Mike type : Voice focus (orientation) Flip-up boom microphone

Mike sensitivity :-38 dB/pa @ 1kHz

Connection method : Bluetooth V5.2 / Wireless 2.4GHz (USB Dongle)

Compatibility : Mac / PlayStation ™ / Nintendo Switch ™ / Xbox ™ / VR / Mobile, etc.

Other : Quantum Engine / Discord authentication / Other compatible services (Skype, Zoom, Twitch, TeamS peak) / Active Noise Canceling (ANC) / 7.1ch Quantum Surround / Quantum Signature

weight : 418g

Battery duration / charging time : up to 43 hours / about 3.5 hours

JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset, the main character of this article. As you can see above, if you look at the gaming sensitivity, JBL’s unique design, just before you try to try it, you feel like ‘That’s the gaming headset?’

Is it only gaming? If you say, you also have enough performance. It supports a 7.1-channel surround and DTS headphone: X 2.0 features that implements a three-dimensional sound, and adopts a 50 mm HI-RES driver to accurately capture sophisticated sounds.

In addition, JBL Quantum 810 is a wireless headset free from the line. 2.4GHz wireless connection is also available using dongle, and Bluetooth 5.2 connection is also available. For battery duration, up to 43 hours can be used freely and can be built for about 3.5 hours. The USB a to C cable, which is available together, can be used at the same time as charging at the same time.

JBL’s active noise-canceling technology, which minimizes the surrounding noise, allows you to focus on gameplay more comfortably, and using talk-through mode, you can talk freely with the people around you. In addition, the JBL Quantum Series’ signature sound allows you to catch the fine sound, especially in the FPS game.


I also got compatibility. The PC is natural, and it is convenient because it can be easily connected to the console or VR even mobile through 2.4GHz dongle and 5.2 Bluetooth. Oriented boom microphones are also excellent for voice chat. This is because it is intensively recognized by the sound of a certain direction so that it is clear and clear.

▲ JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset Official Video (Source: JBL)

‘JBL Quantum DUO Gaming Speaker’

Product specifications

Driver size : 63.5 mm woofer, 19.05 mm Twitter

frequency response : 60Hz-20,000 Hz

Output : 20 w RMS

signal stand noise ratio :> 80 db

Connection method : Bluetooth v4.2

Size / weight : 89 x 210 x 176 mm (width x height depth, left and right) / 2800g

▲ JBL Quantum DUO Gaming Speaker Official Video (Source: JBL)

‘JBL Quantum Stream Premium USB Mike’

Product specifications

Type: 2 x φ14mm electron case capacitor microphone

Pickup Pattern: Single orientation / All direction (dual pattern)

frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Sampling Speed: 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz

Bit Transmission Rate: 16/24 Bit

maximum SPL: 110db

Sensitivity: -37 ± 3db (1kHz/1PA, 0db = 1V/PA)

Impedance: 16 ohm

Standard: 8 cm (w) x 8 cm (d) x 17.43 cm (h)

weight (including stand): 248 g

Color: Black (metal)

Others: 3.5 mm audio input / USB-a and C port support / PS4, PS5 console and Nintendo Switch port support

▲ JBL Quantum Stream Official Video (Source: JBL)

If you use it as a gaming set, it feels like this?
After all, the fit is the best

Fischer: Its impressive, actually

1. FC Union Berlin-Borussia Mönchengladbach 2: 1 (0: 1).

RB Leipzig-Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2: 0 (1: 0).

Michael Swimmer (coach VfB Stuttgart): We entered the game incredibly severely. We had planned a great deal, intended to be aggressive as well as yet after five mins we get 1-0. The 1-1 at halftime was worthy of. After the break, we don’t obtain any gain access to once again, Augsburg was plainly better in this phase. From the 65. We played it really well and also played out a great deal of opportunities. It was a should have success for us..
Enrico Masses (instructor FC Augsburg): I assume we came into play very well. I found that at the end of the very first fifty percent we were the lot more energetic group as well as likewise obtained out of the cabin extremely well.

Oliver Glaser to the charge scene without VAR treatment (at Sky): I saw the images, and it was a clear fine and also a red card due to the fact that it was not an infraction in the battle for the ball. If he does not have the TV image, you no longer require it..

Oliver Glaser (instructor Eintracht Frankfurt): We have to try to find the mistake with ourselves. We left a lot of chances, especially in the second fifty percent. We did disappoint the necessary tranquility at the end. It was a bitter defeat. I am let down with the result, however happy with the performance..

Welder Bremen-Hertha BSC 1: 0 (0: 0).

Ole Werner (SV Welder Bremen): It was a very, extremely close video game with the better end for us. I more than happy that we played adults than last. It was likewise excellent that we didn’t get anxious.
Are when it is a lengthy 0: 0 stand. It is worth staying and also not going too early. If you meet regularly in the last phase, you believe that you can constantly fulfill ultimately..
Sandro Schwarz (Bertha BSC): Our offending video game was the large imperfection. We were as well negligent as well as could not do anything from excellent situations. We could not take anything with us, even though we were practically always great..

Urs Fischer (Fitness Instructor Union Berlin): In the second half it was truly leading. The group did not surrender and also believed in it. And we didn’t try it with lengthy rounds, but happily. The group has this victory Really deserved. This is an excellent picture. It is crazy, truly..
Daniel Fake (train Borussia Mönchengladbach): Obviously that was a disappointing end.-and, then the arena exists. You constantly have to be broad awake here at Union..

ABI Alonso (train Bayer 04 Leverkusen): The second half was various. Michael Swimmer (train VfB Stuttgart): We obtained into the game unbelievably badly. Enrico Masses (coach FC Augsburg): I assume we came right into play really well. Nike Kovacs (trainer VFL Wolfsburg): We showed a ripe efficiency and played actually good football. Thomas Let sch (train VFL Bochum): We were without an opportunity and also still well served with four goals.

Nike Kovacs (instructor VFL Wolfsburg): We showed a ripe performance as well as played perfect football. The interaction worked incredibly well, just the exploitation of possibilities could have been far better. You can currently have a bit of a gold October We talk, it can take place in November..
Thomas Let sch (trainer VFL Bochum): We were without an opportunity and also still well served with 4 objectives. There were worlds in between the two groups.

CFB Stuttgart-FC Augsburg 2: 1 (1: 1).

Bavaria Munich-FSV Mainz 6: 2 (3: 1).

Contract Frankfurt-Borussia Dortmund 1: 2 (1: 1).

Mainz is likewise beaten: Julian Nagelsmann clamps the winning fist. Imago/Forefoot.

Julian Nagelsmann (trainer Bayern Munich): Big compliment, which the team is detaching there every 3 days. It is a great deal of fun to enjoy, it’s a combination of quality and also perspective..

BO Venison (train FSV Mainz): Congratulations to Julian as well as FC Bayern to the success made at this height. It was not a great perspective in the second fifty percent, I really did not like that..

Marco Rose (instructor RB Leipzig): We are really satisfied with the outcome. I believe it was not a playful special today. That was likewise not to be expected due to the fact that both groups have a limited program, yet both have both accepted the fight in its means and made an intensive video game from it..

ABI Alonso (coach Bayer 04 Leverkusen): The second half was different. We really did not have that lots of opportunities, yet I had the feeling that we need to go on have these chances. We understand just how great Leipzig is, you just require a blunder from us to shoot the second goal. After that it was really, extremely hard..

VFL Wolfsburg-VfL Bochum 4: 0 (2: 0).

Edwin Eric (coach Borussia Dortmund): We are very completely satisfied with the win. Not lots of groups will certainly win right here.

SBMM in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: What is it and why could you stop playing multiplayer

The system BMM of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is surely the most criticized and hated section by the majority players in the Call of Duty community. It is the reason that the Modern Warfare multiplayer (2019) lost most of its players at an alarming rate during the first weeks… something that could be repeated with Modern Warfare II .

And you will wonder: What is the SBMM system? Why can you stop playing multiplayer? I tell you everything you should know below.

SBMM in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The SBMM or SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING is an online matching system that Call of Duty uses uninterruptedly from Modern Warfare (2019). This system is responsible for matching players for their skill level and their statistics per departure . The idea is that all games, whether competitive or casual, stay as balanced as possible.

This looks amazing and just on paper… but reality is very different. That all games are balanced does not imply that they will be fun, especially casual modes. This is a Competitive Pair System that is meaningless in casual modes.

Novates and professionals are harmed

The majority of specialized articles usually point to rookies as beneficiaries and professionals such as the injured. The reality is that both types of players are harmed.

The rookie and little skilled players can play their first games comfortable, but it is only a matter of time that the thing changes. It is enough to have a good afternoon, play with friends with skill or be paired with good players for a few games so that the game detects that you should match with more skill players. And there The fun is over and played.

The middle players are also harmed. If they play well, their statistics improve and are paired with much better players. If the next few hours or days want to play more casually, their experience will be constantly dying due to the SBMM.

Finally, the professional players have the same problem as middle players, but multiplied by two. All its games will be competitive, which does not give margin for fun or casual game to disconnect.

Who benefits the SBMM?


Players who only want to play competitively and/or who play poorly seen ways within the unwritten rules of the first-person shooters. In general, they are called Campers: Users who decide to stay still in safe sites (stars and strategic pixels) to compensate for their lack of ability and obtain a good ratio of k/d.

The history of the SBMM will be repeated in Modern Warfare II

Activision has made deaf ears to the pleas of a large part of the community to withdraw this pairing system. War zone and War zone 2 has become the priority, so it seems not to matter that the multiplayer mode does not even reach the potential numbers and their predecessors.

The reality is that the Multiplayer of Modern Warfare II (like Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard) will be used for Unlock and increase the level of weapons quickly thanks to the increases of XP that you can get almost continuously.

Was sind Disorder Gears in Bayonetta 3?

This can not be denied Baronet 3 is complete of reasons to push themselves via the hordes of Homunculi, which they fulfill on each specific card. Chaos tooth bikes are the primary as well as difficult to grasp cumulative item in Bayonet ta 3 and also are required so that the activity can be proceeded.

What do turmoil do equipments in Bayonet ta 3?

Chaos Equipments are among the numerous collectibles from Bayonet ta 3 . They offer the title much extra vital purpose than points such as archives or cards that are fairly additionally to be accumulated. Throughout the game Viola as well as Bayonet ta try to find five chaos Gears as the act Trick to accessibility to alternative realities . If you accumulate five chaos Gears, you can visit any cosmos of your selection, so that you are essentially the emphasis of all may in the video game and also are likewise to locate . Since of their approximated skills, nevertheless, they are faced with a considerable difficulty.


Baronet 3 is available on Nintendo Switch over.

If you find turmoil Gears, you can expect some fierce enemies to obtain involved with several fights. Considering that Bayonet ta 3 deals with the multiverse or the alphaversum, as defined in the game, you will certainly discover out experience some brand-new skills and variations of the major character prior to you stand up to the last enemies.

  • This article was upgraded on October 28, 2022

Disorder Equipments are one of the lots of collectibles from Bayonet ta 3 . Throughout the game Viola and Bayonet ta attempt to track down five disorder Gears as the act Trick to access to alternative truths . If you collect five mayhem Gears, you can see any type of cosmos of your option, so that you are essentially the highlight of all could in the game as well as are likewise to discover .

Kusoge Remake Ikaki Ogin will be released on the 37th anniversary of the FC version -The second CBT will be implemented in the latest work Ichiki Dan.

San Soft announced on November 28 that sales of Kurt Moral for PlayStation3 (PS3) will be terminated .

An action game for arcade/family computers released in 1985. It is famous for his manga artist and illustrator Jun Urey, who has described it as a fucking game, and is now a legendary fucking game in San Soft official.

Chili Gin released in 2006 was a remake with various additional elements, such as pushing up the original maximum number of original maximum simultaneous players from two to 12 (up to two in offline). However, it has been decided that the sale will be terminated on November 28, the release date of the NEW. Although you can still play users who have already purchased, you will not be able to play online with the end of the PS3 service.

On the other hand, for the latest work Chili Unit, the second closed beta test (CBT) has been decided on November 27. This CBT is part of the Chili Fe’s held on the same day, and will also introduce update information by the official channel VTuber. For details such as CBT schedule and number of participants, please check the Chili Unity Steam Store page.

Award for Cristiano Ronaldo – Antony

He didn’t surrender, commented 10 Hags, the 90-minute look of his offensive man, he really did not do that in his entire profession. As well as ultimately he obtained the benefit for it. This likewise used atmospheric: had actually blended up a couple of boos of the home followers under the cheers when his name read out prior to the kick-off, whatever was great with his objective at the most up to date.

In the 3-0 home win against Constable Parasol on Thursday night, which offered the red devils the move right into the knockout round of the Europa Organization and also a last for group success at Actual Societal, the 37-year-old Portuguese racked up the goal for The final score after he had actually earned some possibilities in advance, yet additionally left it. In the 81st minute, he stopped working to maintain constable caretaker maksym Oval, but dusted off promptly.

It began with separated boos and also finished in harmony: Cristiano ronaldo was committed to Manchester United after the suspension and also made an appreciation from trainer erik ten hag, who had temporarily eliminated him.

Cristiano Ronaldo asserts: We stand with each other!

He didn’t provide up, commented Ten Hag, the 90-minute look of his offending guy, he didn’t do that in his entire profession. And also ten hags? The trainer first declared that he had not replaced the 22-year-old Brazilian at the break that he was a lot more or much less planned.

Clown Antony: 10 Hag introduces Improvement.

And ten hags? The train first claimed that he had actually not changed the 22-year-old Brazilian at the break that he was more or less intended.

Although the framework problems on Thursday are rather not to his self-image an unpopular competitor with an unpleasant opponent-CR7 was revealed on the grass. The team always brought him right into good positions, as well as he himself also, stated Ten Hag pleased.

This is exactly what Antony should flower: All the same, his 720-degree rotation brought United in no time at all in the following steep pass.


An excellent group efficiency as well as a good victory, wrote Cristiano Ronaldo himself on Instagram as well as highlighted: We stand with each other! Ten HAG had suspended him recently after refusing to substitute the substitution in the Premier Organization house triumph versus Tottenham (2-0) as well as vanished into the catacombs prior to the last whistle.

This time around it was polarized. Antony, that originated from Ajax Amsterdam for practically 100 million euros in summer season, kept moving show efficiencies, culminating in a scene during the very first half: on the appropriate wing he took a round and also transformed twice with him entirely unexpectedly your own axis.

The dream is fulfilled, Silent Hill 2 remake is already official: trailer and first details

It is official: Silent Hill 2 Remake heads to the market. Blooper Team is the study in charge of the return of INAMI’s myth. Few details have been shared, unless it is under development bed on Unreal Engine and that will arrive at PS5 and PC soon . In fact, it will be temporarily exclusive in console for at let 12 months since its launch. Both Akira Yamaha and Mahavira Ito are involved close support for the Polish team. We know that the playability will be modernized and the camera will be on man.

The Blooper Team curriculum before Silent Hill

Silent Hill’s return w an open secret since INAMI confirmed the signing of Blooper Team lt year. The time of time had been predicting fog since then and later had to hit some. Now, talking about Silent Hill means talking about one of the rights of the industry, a cult saga that every fan of Survival Horror must try once in life . That is why everything that concerns this return will be looked at and there are few who have already requested the poor Blooper curriculum to know in what hands the future of the saga is being deposited. You already know that every father believes that there is no couple at his offspring. And what developer is it worthy of James Sunderland, Mary or Pyramid Head?

Although in Meditation some colleagues have been wet and admitted that they do not believe it is the ideal study, we have also been fair with the humble Polish study, which h been specialized in the horror genre for more than six years. That is why we have dedicated an extensive report to all the previous works of the developer in which we have found common themes, winks and a clear inheritance of Silent Hill . In the end, let’s take a side or another, there is only a clear conclusion: the return of the franchise is a joy for video games, and we must wish him good luck so that it is not one lest dance. We carried from Downpour without a main delivery and the drama of Kolyma and PT left us with honey on the lips back in 2014. It is not time to distrust, but to row together towards the place from which the noise of the Sirens We have never forgotten that noise **.

All operatives in Modern Warfare 2

The multi-user game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers the player everything: from creating weapons to choosing and configuring the character. As in any other franchise game, in this game there are several operators that are divided into two fractions between which battles are being conducted.

Table of contents

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

All Spectrum operators in Cod Modern Warfare 2

All Korea operatives in Cod Modern Warfare 2

fractions Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The fractions in Modern Warfare 2 consist of two private military contractors: Special and Korea . At the time of launch, 25 unique game operators are presented in the game. Initially, all players will be available to MIL-SIM operators by default, one from each fraction. Players can unlock the remaining 23 operators using various game tasks and missions.

All Spectrum operators in Cod Modern Warfare 2

  1. John Price
  2. Simon Ghost Riley
  3. Johnny SOUP McDavis
  4. Farah Karim
  5. Manuel Chew ODAS
  6. Sobs Gluts Kosciusko
  7. Gustavo Gus Rodriguez
  8. Cleopatra Cleo Graves
  9. TSE Moon minor
  10. Nile Nova Brown
  11. Enzo Reyes
  12. Whitman Winter Wong

Variants Red Team 141 Pack Price, Farah, SOAP and GHOST operators are available for players who purchased Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition.

All Korea operatives in Cod Modern Warfare 2

  1. Thor Axel Erickson
  2. Callisto Ballard
  3. Declan Mack Conor
  4. Fender Teach
  5. Kim Orange Hon Jin
  6. Darnell Hatch Hutchinson
  7. Cong
  8. Rosin Rosa Helms
  9. Salaries Style Moselle
  10. The Zero itself is Pereira

  1. Hero They Watanabe

_ ONI is an exclusive bonus for a preliminary order only for PlayStation users. In addition, the skin of the Collision operator for Orange could be unlocked during beta testing Modern Warfare 2 as a reward._

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, get acquainted with our article on how to get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch drop Viewership Rewards and how to pre-download the MW2. campaign. **

How to hit the enemy when Wolfscent is active in Fortnite

Fortnitemares returned to Fortnite, and with it various skins, weapons, changes and new trials. Some of these problems can be somewhat vague, and it is difficult to understand what to do. This includes a blow to the enemy, when the wolf smell is an active test. This may make you think about how to complete this task and collect XP in Fortnite.

How to make a blow to the enemy, while the wolf smell is active in Fortnite

To hit the enemy, while your wolf smell is active, you will need to use this ability and mark near player . As soon as you do this, you must come close enough to hit it with the claws of heroes slash or Airy blow abilities. As soon as you get into any of them, you will receive a loan for a call and complete it.

The best way to guarantee that you will amaze the enemy with your ability wolf smell and complete this task is get in throw in player . After you noted them with your ability, come closer and surprise them with the Slash or Air Slash attack.

The implementation of this task costs 15 thousand XP, so it is worth it. Find the altar changes and dance on it to get the claws of heroes. As soon as you do this, find nothing suspecting prey, mark and cut it to get pleasant experience.

To obtain additional information about Fortnite, read the article What makes the ability of Wolf scent in Fortnite? And how to get Howler Claws in Fortnite in Pro Game Guides.

Overwatch 2, 25 million player records in ten days

Blizzard Entertainment ‘Overwatch 2’ achieved 25 million players within 10 days of its launch. Blizzard introduced Overwatch 2 evenly in Korea, Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and the Americas, and achieved the number of daily players near the largest daily player in the original Overwatch.

The release of Overwatch 2 is a very important moment for Blizzard, while the Blizzard community is being together in Blizzard, while overwatches lively world is full of new players from all over the world. I’m happy to be invited, he said. It’s just the beginning, and there are a lot of possibilities to explore the world of to Overwatch, and we expect our player to experience everything that the Overwatch team is preparing for live games. I expressed my feelings.

The most recent support hero Kirk, which was most recently added to the Overwatch Hero list, is popular, and Kirk’s ultimate fox road has been used more than 2 million times in the first week. In Overwatch 2, it also synchronizes the progress data between platforms, new 5: 5 multiplayer, 6 new battlefields, new game modes, push, new ping system, reorganization of competition, new appearance of all heroes, reorganization of various heroes, updates, updates You can experience many new things, including graphics and audio engines.

In the future, Overwatch 2 will be applied to regular season updates, including new heroes, battlefields, game modes, and decorating items. The Overwatch 2 Eve mode, which is highly expected, will be released sequentially next year, and the launch plan will be announced in the future.

Blizzard is provided by all players who log in from October 26 to the end of the first season, with a new legendary skin, a cursed captain ripper skin and a life pack weapon ornament.

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