On the 30th, Dev Sisters unveiled the main poster of Cookie Run: Kingdom X BTS Collaboration Cookies and Concert Concepts.

The main poster, which was released this time, unveiled all the visuals hidden in the cookie silhouette released on the 23rd. It brought the trendy hairstyle and wearing from the music video of Dynamite, which is also the representative song of BTS, and raised the expectations of the fans by capturing the vividness of the concert stage.


In addition, in-game contents hints that can be experienced in a limited time during the collaboration period have been released. First, according to the previous time, you will be able to meet the event of the event, ▲ BTS theme deck, and collaboration cookies. BTS collaboration cookies will be able to participate in the battle, unlike the last Disney collaboration cookies in the kingdom, which will be highly used in various contents of cookie run: Kingdom.

In addition, Cookie Run: A variety of events will be visited to satisfy both Kingdom and BTS fandoms. Information on in-game elements and events that will be added will be available in the official update on October 13.

Cookie Run: For more information about Kingdom and BTS collaboration updates, please visit the official café.