The NC Cultural Foundation (Chairman Soon Songhai) will hold the 10th Anniversary Conference ‘NEXT Creativity Conference 2022 (NCC2022)’.

The 10th anniversary event slogan is ‘creativity, every moment of everyday life’. The NC Cultural Foundation’s headquarters will be held for two days until October 21 with the theme of ‘future generation’ and ‘creativity’.

The NC Culture Foundation shares the operation process and results of the Foundation’s core business, ‘Projector’. Project Tori is a compound word of Project and Laboratory, which is a creative activity space where children lead their own projects.

The conference will be attended by youth and creative industry workers and experts, including creative research institutes, educational institutions, youth institutions, and international organizations.

On the first day of the conference, Esther Watch ski, a prominent educator of Silicon Valley, and the mother of Watch ski, CEO of YouTube, will be on the podium. Esther Watch ski speaks of how to prepare for young people for the coming future under the theme of ‘How to Prepare Youth for the 21st Century’. Professor Paul Kim, the head of the Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, will give a lecture on the fundamental passion of pursuing creativity and innovation under the theme of ‘Innovation of Reason’.

In the afternoon session, the NC Culture Foundation will be presented and the youth speakers who worked as a member of the project will be presented. There is also a panel discussion on the ‘better creative environment’ led by Professor Shin Jong-il of Seoul National University. This discussion includes Professor Paul Kim, Professor Kim Jae-young of Korea University, and Lee Eunuch, a teacher at Wire Sol Elementary School in Seoul.

On the second day of the conference, there is an advanced workshop for future generations and creativity for future generations and creative staff. Dr. Gang Dong-sun, the representative and brain scientist of ‘Wonder Brain Research Institute’, will lead the group discussion on the theme of creativity. There is also a workshop on the creative environment of the foundation officials and a workshop on projectors led by the projectors youth members.


The NC Culture Foundation is a non-profit foundation for public interest purposes established by NC soft for continuous and systematic social responsibility in 2012. We have been carrying out various social contribution projects over the past decade, with the direction of ‘consideration for the socially disadvantaged’ and ‘creation of value for the quality of our society’.