Game Developer SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTIONS has tweeted to celebrate its 25th anniversary on October 8, 2022, and has received celebration comments from various accounts in the game industry.


The company is one of the PlayStation Studio, an American developer established in 1997. After the launch of the Nintendo64 software ROCKET: ROBOT on WHEELS in 1999, we have developed the title of Sony Computer Entertainment (then) sales. The illustrations commemorating the 25th anniversary depict the characters of the INFAMOUS series and the GHOST OF SUSHI and Phantom Thief Sly Cooper series, which have been developed by the company, supporting the past and current employees. Thanks to the fans and PlayStation friends.

Many people who saw this tweet have given the company a 25th anniversary celebration, and in the game industry, comments have been received from PlayStation Studio, such as GUERRILLA GAMES, Naughty Dog, and Fire sprite, and Xbox’s Phil Spencer. I have posted a celebration comment.