For a long time, one of the characteristics that has become known by the actor Tom Cruise , is to normally make his risk scenes and also want to pilot military planes in reality. And it seems that he wants to continue experiencing, so he will soon take his next great step in the performance and on a personal level.

During the last months it has been rumored that one of the actor of the actor of Top Gun would be focused on space, as he wants to explore the recondite levels offered by the atmosphere. And now, it is confirmed that Doug Legman will direct the project, so Tom would become one of the first civilians to leave the planet with authorization.

In fact, to achieve his goal, Cruise ventured to get contacts within NASA and SpaceX , a company that for better or worse, belongs to it neither more nor less than A Elon Musk . Of course, the plot of the tape for now is a mystery to all, it is also unknown what the title of the same is and if it is going to be revealed this year or until 2023 .

The tape has $200 million dollars of budget, much of this capital was used to rent the International Space Station to make all kinds of shots for the film.

This is what the director of Universal Pictures Donna Langley said about it:

Tom Cruise is taking us to space. He is taking the world to space. This is the plan. We have a great development project with Tom, which contemplates it doing precisely that. He took a rocket to the space station and shoot and, hopefully, be the first civilian to make a space walk outside the space station.

Within a few months there will be more details.