Now that he has overcome the beginning of Scorn, as well as the complicated crane puzzles, he is ready to find his way through the next puzzle. This will imply a mining car, so we will refer to it as the puzzle of the mining car along this guide. Keep reading to find out How to solve the Mine cart puzzle in Scorn .

Scorn Mine cart puzzle guide

When you lower the elevator platform, get off and go to the right. You should find yourself in the Great Central Chamber once again, as shown below.

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In this room, there is a red gadget that looks like a kind of biopunk wagon. There is a close control panel that will allow you to move the creature of the pod above the car below.

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Use the control panel to move the crane up. Use it again to grab the creature and then finally move it down to put it in the car.

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Once you are comfortably sitting, leave the gadget control panel and go to the Polar Grande in the center. Over to reveal another control panel with which you need to interact.

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This gadget will give you an elevated view of the area and will allow you to change the direction that the mining car will take.

Reorganize the clues

To solve the mining car puzzles, you must correctly reorganize these clues. Be sure to move each part of the track to match those shown below. They will have to connect abroad or inside.

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Get out of the gadget that allows you to move the caterpillars of the cars.

Now that you have solved the puzzle of the wagon in Scorn, it is time to address what to do with the creature you have in your hands. Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.

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