During your adventures in A Plague Tale: Requiem you will face formidable enemies, but few of them are more dangerous than completely armored soldiers. They are almost impossible to kill if you do not know how to use their weaknesses. Here’s how to kill completely armored soldiers in Plague Tale: Requiem without any problems.

how to defeat completely armored enemies in A Plague Tale Requiem

To defeat completely armored enemies in A Plague Tale: Requiem, you must first make them vulnerable. In fact, these are tanks in the game, so you need to remove the layers of steel around them. After that, you can use all the deadly that is at your disposal, for example:

Weapons *-crossbows are very effective. But use as a last resort.
Fire: Throw tar jars and tar pots and set them on fire. You can also push enemies into the fire.
Armor Church -Available if you fully mastered a tree of prudence skills. Sleeping to completely armored enemies, you can kill them with one knife blow.

how to remove armor from completely armored soldiers in A Plague Tale Requiem

completely armored soldiers with maces


The best way to defeat the fully armored enemies owning mass is to move away from them and remove the castle holding the armor behind them with a stone in a sling. This will make them vulnerable to all types of attacks, but the fire is usually most effective.

completely armored soldiers with a shield

To defeat the completely armored enemies armed with a shield, you need to shoot at the castle on their chest so that they become vulnerable. In fact, if you try to burn them with resin on the floor, and then set fire to them, it will not kill them, but will stun. This gives you the opportunity to shoot at their castles, and when the armor falls, they will die if they stand in fire (or in any other way that you consider necessary).

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