Blizzard Entertainment ‘Overwatch 2’ achieved 25 million players within 10 days of its launch. Blizzard introduced Overwatch 2 evenly in Korea, Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and the Americas, and achieved the number of daily players near the largest daily player in the original Overwatch.

The release of Overwatch 2 is a very important moment for Blizzard, while the Blizzard community is being together in Blizzard, while overwatches lively world is full of new players from all over the world. I’m happy to be invited, he said. It’s just the beginning, and there are a lot of possibilities to explore the world of to Overwatch, and we expect our player to experience everything that the Overwatch team is preparing for live games. I expressed my feelings.

The most recent support hero Kirk, which was most recently added to the Overwatch Hero list, is popular, and Kirk’s ultimate fox road has been used more than 2 million times in the first week. In Overwatch 2, it also synchronizes the progress data between platforms, new 5: 5 multiplayer, 6 new battlefields, new game modes, push, new ping system, reorganization of competition, new appearance of all heroes, reorganization of various heroes, updates, updates You can experience many new things, including graphics and audio engines.

In the future, Overwatch 2 will be applied to regular season updates, including new heroes, battlefields, game modes, and decorating items. The Overwatch 2 Eve mode, which is highly expected, will be released sequentially next year, and the launch plan will be announced in the future.

Blizzard is provided by all players who log in from October 26 to the end of the first season, with a new legendary skin, a cursed captain ripper skin and a life pack weapon ornament.